Stupid Upgrades.

Have successfully, I think, finished upgrading to the new WordPress and the newly compatible version of my theme. Thankfully this revision did not require new CSS from me. (Not that I can see yet, anyway.) Bah. Why must there be a new version of WordPress every two months?

Mad Men – Oh Yes Indeed.

Just have to say, quickly, that Mad Men is absolutely the business.  If you haven’t seen this show yet, snap to it!  The new season is now airing on AMC, but I suggest, as always, starting with the beginning.  DVDs are now out, or you can just buck the system and download it. I’m currently about halfway through season one, and I will have more to say about this soon!

No Homeless People, Either!

I’m still out of town visiting with my friends, but I just had to pop in to say that the college town where my friend W. works is far superior to New Wye. It is like Zembla, but with a better downtown and without the smug self-satisfaction. I totally have a city crush.
I’ll be back to regular life and regular posting in a few days, doubtless with a little longing in my heart.

Just wanted to remind myself to post about the following: Why I hate watching TV with certain groups of friends;The pub trivia phenomenon; Sending out articles for publication; Scheduling bullcrap;Finishing Eggers’s What is the What; Why my mobile admin interface doesn’t have a scrollable compose window or allow me to create line breaks.

Sine Qua Huh?

Who watched last night’s BSG? Did you also see the previews for next week’s? Did they really just reveal the final Cylon IN THE PREVIEW? I hope not. Jesus. Stupid preview.

Also regretting falling asleep halfway thru the previous episode. So confused about what happened to Roslin.