Oh dear dog.

Summer school has started, and I am apparently in denial about the whole “teaching every day” bullshit, as I have stayed up drinking wine and watching TV with friends. Is now very late and I must face the reality of being, at best, slightly stupid and smelling of adult beverages in the morning. Awesome.

Girl Post

Just had my girl friends over for the premiere of So You Think You Can Dance. Also under discussion: many shoes, among which a new pair of mine that render me over 6′ and prone to break an ankle. How I have missed having local female friends.


I am so excited about the new Death Cab for Cutie album, which I wrote about here, that I had to tell you about it here, too.  Go! Listen! I swear to dog you had better listen to this album.

TV Tonight

Tonight is America’s Next Top Model (where my TVBF Nigel Barker is the photographer for the girls’ main shoot) and Top Chef. How excellent! I believe I will kick back with the perfect summer drink (Tanqueray, club soda, OJ) and watch a little tube. I should post about these shows sometime.