Butt Rubbing, Stray Dogging, and Public Defecation

Friday afternoon I found myself lying naked on a table, asking a strange man to spend an hour poking, prodding, and rubbing my thighs and butt. No big deal.

Yes, I went in for a sports massage — only my second massage ever. I tend to have problems with my hips (both the glutes and the hip flexors, aka the butt and the groin) and the IT bands (the outer thigh from hip to knee), so I asked him to work these areas. Awkward.

The whole process of getting a massage is, I think, a little odd. You know what I mean? You sit around in a waiting area naked under your borrowed robe, drinking a mimosa, and waiting for your massage therapist to come get you. While you wait you “mark an X on the image [of a nude, male form] in any areas where you are experiencing pain.” This paperwork also reassures you that it is perfectly normal, nay common, to experience the following things during your massage: relaxation, drowsiness or falling asleep, emotional feelings and responses, movement of intestinal gas, and memories. Memories. Okay then.

But, of course, the massage was great. He helped me get my IT bands loosened back up and unstuck them where they had adhered to, ah, whatever other leg structures in there they weren’t supposed to adhere to. Don’t ask me, man; I’m not that kind of doctor. The massage therapist was joking around with me at the end of the massage, saying that he hoped I hadn’t come in there looking for a super-relaxing blissed-out experience (because the type of massage I got is actually somewhat painful), and even though that hadn’t been what I was looking for, I did walk out of there feeling much better and more relaxed. And my IT bands and hips are noticeably looser. Win-win.

The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxing, too. I opted not to worry at all about grading or other work, and instead devoted my time to some serious couch sitting. Not that there wasn’t some excitement to be had — on the contrary! W and I wound up encountering two different stray dogs this weekend, and trying to get them back to their owners. Friday night, after dinner, we came to my house and found a stray pit bull wandering around the lake. We could tell he had a collar, so we got him to follow the car up to my place and tried to get him to come close enough to see his tags and maybe call his owners. He was being all playful and running around goofily, though, so this took a while. When we finally got him over there, we saw that in spite of the collar, he actually had no tags! Dammit!

The fun didn’t end there, though, because the dog decided he wanted to come into my house. He could hear all three of our dogs barking inside (because OF COURSE THEY WERE) and thought, “Hey, man, cool! It’s fuckin’ PLAYTIME in there!” So we tried to get him out of the way of the door to go inside, but he wanted in (and the dogs inside wanted out), and it was just super chaotic. He was a really smart and sweet dog, though (he kept trying to open the doorknob with his paws and never behaved in a remotely aggressive manner, unless you count attempted B&E as aggressive), so we weren’t worried; we just didn’t want him coming in or them running out. So what happened? Despite our best efforts, when we opened the door and tried to body-block the big pit bull, he came in anyway. Cue instant freak out from the canines within: W’s two dogs were jumping all around him and bark-yelping, Egon was setting off the alarm system in his crate, and the pit bull was like OMFG THIS IS SO FUN! All inside my living room. Good lord.

We finally got that straightened out with the pit bull outside and our three inside, but we felt so bad because we couldn’t find the owner and didn’t know what to do. No way we could just keep him in the apartment in that situation. Hopefully he found his way back home after his big adventure.

[323/365] DÖGBRETH!Then, THEN! In the middle of the night, W’s dogs woke up and wanted to go out (they do this kind of often), so he’s outside with them when ANOTHER big stray dog shows up. Yes. Luckily, this story was simpler and had a happy ending: this dog’s person was out looking for her and so W was able to reunite them pretty quickly, once he got the loose dog to come over to him. I was in bed asleep so I only heard about this after the fact, but man oh man! Two stray neighborhood dogs in one night. What the hell?!

It still bothers me that the first dog, who was obviously well fed and friendly and cared for and was wearing a collar, did not have a tag with a name and phone number on it. I am a big believer in keeping Egon’s tag with my number on it on his collar at all times. I would hate to imagine what could happen to the little guy if he ever got lost and I couldn’t be contacted. What a nightmare! I also really wish we’d been able to help the first dog find his way home. Sigh.

Well, I have rambled on enough and neither of these stories really has a point, does it? How about I leave you with this question: Do any of you watch a lot of Hulu? There is a Clorox commercial that airs frequently on Hulu right now, with two dads in a park. A kid keeps bugging his dad, saying “Dad? Dad? Dad?” and the dad ignores him, only to notice later on (upon smelling something) that the kid, who is probably four or five years old, is in the process of shitting himself. The camera pans over to the kid and you see him just, well, shitting. The body tension, the facial expression, it all reads “shit.” IT IS THE MOST HORRIBLE COMMERCIAL OF ALL TIME. I am serious. I do not want to watch a human being defecate, or pretend to defecate, on camera. No. That is not okay; it is just not. Have you seen this? Can you back me? UGH.

Okay, fine; I can’t believe I did this but I actually sought out the horror on youtube in case you want to watch it. Here you go. YOU WERE WARNED.

Three Things Thursday

1. Today was the last day of teaching prior to Thanksgiving break. Hooray!

Last day of teaching before Thanksgiving. Favorite work dress and argyle tights.

As excited as I am about this, I was just not feeling like work this morning, so I psyched myself up with fashion. Favorite teaching dress + argyle tights and I was … somewhat more ready to be at work.

[321/365] Bad Planning

Normally I try to arrange things so that I don’t have any grading or other paperwork to do over the break, but this time it just didn’t quite work out, and now I have this pile of 75 literature essays staring me in the face, not to mention about a bohillion other bits of paper requiring my attention. The week of sloth (aka “leisure”) I envisioned may not come to fruition, but I surely will do my best. I am going to designate just a couple of hours each day to attacking the piles, and then I’ll be sure to designate more hours for such activities as reading, watching movies, snorgling the dog, and staring at the wall. This I do solemnly swear.

2. Egon’s walk has improved a lot, and he has passed the halfway point in his enforced crate rest. Less than two weeks to go! He no longer walks like a stumbling drunk all the time, but he does walk like a bit of a sidewinder, with one back leg taking larger steps than the other. Still not sure he could pass a road-side sobriety test, but things are improving! If I get a chance to video his walk again soon, I’ll post another clip to flickr.

[320/365] Goofy Cat

3. In other creature news, the cat finally seems to have realized that the dog is confined to a crate, and therefore has been out and about more often in the house, what with the fact that no small dachshund is chasing after her. She occasionally even takes a moment to stretch out on the floor like a big goof. Right now, however, W’s two dogs are visiting and they are running crazy laps around my living room and yelping in each other’s faces while we attempt to watch the Colbert Report. Just another post-happy-hour Thursday night.

So what’s up with you today?


Grrrrrreetings! It’s a beautiful fall day here in Alabama.

[313/365] Leaves, Lake

When I woke up this morning it was actually freezing outside — yes, 32 chilly degrees. Exciting. This means winter really is approaching (I love fall and winter both, and look forward to them each and every year), and it also meant Egon got to try out his new fleece jacket on his brief walk this morning. Check it out:

Frosty morning!

Yes, that’s a miniature dachshund in a red jacket. I submit to you that this is a remarkably cute phenomenon. Please enjoy it. Egon, as some of you know, has alopecia (also sometimes called “dachshund pattern baldness”) which makes him lose his hair on the backs of his ears, his throat, chest, and undercarriage. All that, combined with his back being shaved from surgery, means the little guy most definitely needs a jacket on mornings like this. See? I AM BEING PRACTICAL. I’m not just some girl who likes to dress her dog up in clothes.

(Not just, anyway.)

So the little guy is doing much better. His walk is improving. He is generally much calmer in his crate, and is letting me get some sleep at night. The current situation is that his crate stays in the living/dining/kitchen area all day so he can be in the middle of things, and then I bring it into the bedroom at night. I’ve also got W. and his two dogs in there, and although our night-time pack usually involves all five of us piled up in the double bed (I… I know), we can at least achieve 80% dogpile completion, with the other 20% on the floor in his crate. This seems to be working for now, and (despite the crowding) the extra warmth is definitely appreciated now that we are waking up to frosty mornings like today.

[312/365] Snugglebuddies

In spite of my love for cold weather and my general fearlessness when it comes to running in the cold, I was not feeling up to a run right away when I woke up at 7:00 this morning, so I waited until the afternoon to go out. It was sunny and a bit warmer (capri tights and short-sleeves style temperatures) and it was just plain beautiful outside.


We are rocking that stage of fall where there are pleasantly crunchy leaves on the ground and still some rich color in the trees. I had a lovely five-mile loop around town and then tacked on an extra mile in my neighborhood at the end, just because it was so beautiful out and I am young and alive. Pretty nice day I’ve got going so far.

I’ll be honest, I am supposed to be grading essays today, but I just don’t feel like it. There’s always tomorrow right? It’s that time in the semester where procrastination seems, despite all logical evidence to the contrary, to be the right thing to do. I am just going to roll with it for the moment. In a little while I’m off for an early dinner of pizza and beer and then seeing my friend PSP perform in the community production of Hairspray.

So tell me: do you ever just take the day off and enjoy it for your own purposes? I know I’m not the only procrastinator ’round these parts. ‘Fess up.

I need a hug. And some bleach. Mostly the hug, I think.

I am having a seriously rough day, y’all. Egon is not loving the crate life (as evidenced here), and his pain meds, after the last dose, made him pretty sick with some digestive symptoms I can’t even describe to you, that is how foul they were. I will not be surprised if the clean-up experience leads to some PTSD. I’ll just tell you that he sullied two different crates, one of them twice, and I had to throw away two blankets. OMFG.

There’s been minor stress at work — nothing major or worth mentioning, but enough that it’s bothersome and on my mind and it seems like one more little thing on top of it all could be the last straw. Don’t push me ’cause I’m close to the edge, as Grandmaster Flash says.

So! To cheer myself! A list of good things:

1. I taught Shakespeare’s sonnets today and one of my students alerted me to this, starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate, my favorite Doctor/Companion duo:

Hooray for my nerdy students!

2. Speaking of The Doctor, the second half of season six arrives on disc next week!

3. I have already purchased the champagne for post-race consumption in Savannah.

4. There is a delicate pitter-patter of rain outside. Look, I’m reaching here.

5. For the moment, knock wood, the dog is quiet.

And how are YOU today?

Updates: Egon, Savannah Half, and NaBloPoMo

Greetings, friends of the internet tubes! Did you know today’s date is a palindrome? It’s 11.02.2011. Neato, right? I enjoy patterns in numbers (one of the many things that “earns” me points on the spectrum test, but also something that makes it very easy for me to remember passwords, telephone numbers, and such).

I thought I’d pop over here for a couple of updates today:

1. Mister Egon came home from the hospital yesterday! After a long day teaching and holding student conferences, I headed straight over to the AU Vet School hospital (best place around; excellent care) to pick him up. They went over his treatment and recovery with me and I learned that I’d need to keep him on strict crate rest for the next four weeks. He used to be crated sometimes when he was little, to help with house training, and he used to sleep in the crate at night. I’m hoping he and I both remember how that works! He was never a big fan of the crate, but he’s going to have to become one for now.

He’s only allowed to go out for bathroom breaks, and what I’ve been doing (W’s good idea) is carry the crate out to the grass and let him out there, on the leash, where he can do his business and get right back in the crate. As W said, right now, for Egon, an inch is like a mile, so we’re minimizing the inches he has to go. His walk right now is very pathetic and drunk looking. He’s able to get around, but he stumbles and falls pretty often and can’t quite get those back legs moving normally yet. It’s just day two at home now, though, so I am looking to see lots of improvement while he continues to rest, and then hopefully he’ll gradually get moving more and more afterwards. It just kills me though, watching him walk. I had thought to make a little video of it, but I seriously don’t want to make y’all cry.

[301/365] Back staples. Little dude's back home, and crates for the next four weeks. 

Couch time + crate time. Slightly awkward.Eegs in the crate with the rawhide bone.Despite the hard parts, I am just SO happy and relieved to have him back home again. I can sit by the crate with the door open and pet him and stuff, and we have even tried putting the crate on the couch with us while watching TV and hanging out. He’s happy to be back in his familiar surroundings again (even if he’s not allowed to explore them yet). He’s cutely wagging his tail all the time, eating and drinking with his normal appetite, and I can tell he is in good spirits. Big thank you to everyone for all your sweet comments and good thoughts for the little dude.

2. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Half Marathon is coming up on Saturday! B. and I will be leaving town on Friday and spending the weekend there. I am super excited to have a fun trip to a city I love (here’s my post and pics from our trip there in March — it was fabulous!) and to run another race with a friend. We are going to have a great time no matter what.

Forsyth ParkAs far as my plans and goals for the race, I’ve been saying all year I wanted to run a sub-2:00 half marathon this year, and I was hoping to meet that goal in Savannah. Speed has been harder to come by than I thought. I can easily keep my long runs around a 9:30 pace, but I’ll need a 9:09 average pace to meet my sub-2:00 goal. Race-day “magic” and adrenaline can only shave off so much time, so I’m not really sure now how feasible that is. If the course is really as flat as I think it is, and the weather stays cool, it could be a possibility. Right now the temps for Saturday are predicted to be a low of 50 and a high of 63, which is about 10 degrees warmer than I’d prefer, but I can deal. I’m going to focus on a few different possible goals, though:

A+ Goal: 1:59:59.
A Goal: 2:04:59.
B Goal: a new PR at 2:07:06
C Goal: 2:09:59
D Goal: Finish without injury!

My other goals for the trip include the following: Enjoy a carb-tastic dinner the night before and do a glam pre-race pedicure in the hotel room (for fast, fashionable feet). Pop a bottle of champange after the race to share with B. Eat a fabulous post-race dinner somewhere fun, and have a couple of fancy cocktails. Enjoy the beautiful sights of Savannah, take lots of pictures, and buy a couple of postcards. Have a blast with B. Relax and enjoy the post-race glow that results from setting goals, working hard, training consistently, and feeling good — no matter what the time on the clock might be!

3. NaBloPoMo: If you don’t know, November is National Blog Posting Month (among other things), and it’s a time when many bloggers pledge to post every day for the entire month. I missed yesterday, November 1st. Nonetheless, I’d like to make a pledge to post more often this month. I am going to shoot for posting three times a week for the month, which will hopefully get me in the habit of tellin’ mah stories here instead of spoiling them all on Twitter in the 140-character Readers’ Digest versions. So I hope to see you all around here more often in the coming month!


Egon the Dachshund

If you already follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you already know about this (and if you don’t already, why the hell not?!), but I have news to report about Egon.

He’s currently spending the night at the university veterinary school’s animal hospital where he just had emergency surgery for a ruptured disc in his spine. This is not an uncommon problem for dachshunds, but it’s one that I hoped would never affect my little dude. He’s very lean and, now that he’s almost 6 years old, not terribly rambunctious (the two risk factors are being overweight or jumping a lot). Nonetheless, he managed to injure his spine.

I’m not sure what happened, but I took him to the vet for a suspected UTI on Monday, which he tested positive for. The vet also determined that he had a strain in his back, so he was prescribed antibiotics for the UTI, anti-inflammatories for the strain, and tons of rest.

[297/365] Patient Egon

At some point Tuesday night, while I was out, he managed to hurt himself. He’d been feeling better and had been okay with staying voluntarily in his crate (crate door unlocked) in my bedroom, where there’s no tall furniture for him to jump on. It seemed safe enough to me, especially since he used to panic a lot when I’d crate him with the door locked. With the crate plus his favorite blankets on the floor, he hadn’t even tried to climb on the (low, platform) bed all day. I would have noticed the little dents he leaves in the down comforter, so I know he never went up there. What I found after the fact was that he’d apparently gone in my closet, climbed into the laundry basket, peed in it, and climbed out. He’d had some incontinence issues from the UTI, and I think he didn’t want to pee on the floor. Poor guy. That must’ve been when he really hurt his back.

I came home to find him hiding under the blanket on the floor (his usual burrowing M.O.), and when I lifted up the blanket to peek at him he yelped in pain and tried to move, but he wasn’t able to use his back legs at all and was dragging them behind him. In about 14 seconds I had called the emergency vet at the university and was on my way there, with W. (who was in bed and nearly asleep at the late hour) awake and arranged to meet us.

Emergency visit to the vet last night for my dog's injured spine. He's still there today.

They kept him last night and the neurologist saw him today, confirming after tests that he did have a ruptured disc. He underwent surgery for it today, but I haven’t spoken to the doctor yet. It sounds like he went home without remembering to call me (MOTHEREFFER), but the front desk tells me Egon is out of surgery and in the neurology ICU. Hopefully I will get to talk to the doc tomorrow and possibly even come in to see Egon.

The financial aspect of all this is a whole other matter and is almost equally as stressfull. The estimate was for between $3000-5000, and I had to put down half of the high end before they would take him (which I was — barely– able to do). In order to give them the go-ahead for surgery I had to make sure I could come up with the rest, and I did manage to get financing for that after begging my dad to cosign for it. I may be 33 years old with a nice middle-cass job, but I am only a few years out of grad school with student loans and credit card debt (It was almost paid off until today, but now I’ve more than doubled it!) and I guess I wasn’t a good enough candidate for the stupid financing on my own. Anyway, I’m more than covered, now. Oof. Many thanks to my unfailingly kind and generous father.

And this is all the news I have at the moment. I will update with more when I can, but I wanted to post something here for all my friends who don’t follow my every move in 140-character bursts. Thanks so much to everyone who has gotten in touch with me to offer words of support — you are very much appreciated.

Bits and Pieces

Things have been trucking along quite quickly and busily, such that I haven’t been spending as much time writing here as I would normally like to. Life has been great, in fact — everything that’s keeping me busy is something positive. How often can you say that?

[264/365] SprintsI mean, don’t get me wrong: I was just handed 75 literature essays today — essays I must grade — but that’s all part and parcel of my job and, as you know, my job this year is something for which I’m especially grateful. I’m viewing the long series of grading sprints in my future as a challenge on par with interval training runs. Bust out that timer, red pen, and coffee and bring it on.

At any rate, I thought I’d gather a list of updates and such:

I have officially hit a new personal distance record for the year after completing my eight-mile run this past weekend. I ran all eight miles at the high school track.

Saturday TrackYes, that’s 32 glorious laps. What possessed me? Well, my friend H., who herself is a badass running sensation, had organized a run/walk for charity, and she asked people to support either by joining her for laps or by donating. Can you believe she ran 74 laps? Badass. Anyway, a bunch of us were out there at the track with her, each of us with our own mileage goals and running at our own paces, but it felt like a nice, communal kind of workout nonetheless. Who knew track runs could be … fun? At any rate, onward and upward, friends: it’s nine miles this week.

In other health and fitness news, it’s now been well over two years since I started getting back in shape after graduate school, and over a year since meeting my weight loss goals. I keep thinking I should come up with some kind of brilliantly inspiring post about maintaining healthy habits and weight loss, but I’m not sure where to go with it. At this point my habits are just that: habits, and boring ones at that. Aren’t you glad I don’t document every single mile run or bowl of oatmeal eaten? Yeah, me too. Nonetheless, there are things to be said, in a more thoughtful manner, about what all this means to me. I will reflect on it a bit more and see.

Piper the DogBetween my dog and W.’s two, we have a giant pile of cuteness. They are some seriously adorable and sweet dogs, there is no denying. But then, we leave them all alone at one or the other of our houses when we go out and we come back to find scenes like this:

[268/365] IronyYes, my copy of Eating Animals was eaten by an animal. Oy. Other similar casualties have included a useless, crappy yoga DVD I never used, my Firefly boxed set, W.’s Simpsons Season 8 boxed set, and a few cardboard coasters. All of these were taken off their respective shelves (not left on the floor or anything) and demolished by this dog’s tiny jaws:

[267/365] Oliver the DogAny ideas on how to prevent this, short of installing all shelving at least 6 feet above the floor? This is the same dog who, while he only stands about a foot high, got a chocolate bar off the kitchen counter and ate most of it (he was fine — had some stomach trouble and was pretty hyper, but fine). The little dude is determined and ruthless. (But so, so cute and sweet. Sigh.) Helpful ideas are appreciated!

In entertainment news, we have watched the first five seasons of Doctor Who (and are waiting for season 6 to be available on disc/streaming, so please don’t spill any plot secrets!) and are now making our way through Mad Men, which I’ve seen all of but W. hasn’t. Both of these series are so, so good. I loved the feeling of discovering something new in Doctor Who, which I hadn’t seen before, and I also love getting to go back and appreciate the old episodes of Mad Men while sharing it with someone else for the first time. Good stuff. Now if only I can convince him that we need to do Friday Night Lights next.

And finally: can anyone help identify these freaky bugs?

Bugs Doin' ItThe bigger one was about 2.5-3 inches long, if that helps. The two of them stayed glued stock still in this position right at my front door almost all day Saturday, only disappearing some time after nightfall. No one who has seen the picture can tell me what they are, or what is likely to happen when they inevitably invade my home and possibly try to eat me. How gruesome and painful a death is in store for me? I need to know.

Weekend Recipe

I had quite a lovely weekend, I have to tell you. I hosted a little get together at my place on Saturday night — the first party in my new apartment! — and had tons of friends over for drinks and snacks. It was grand.

[253/365] Absinthe and Sugar.Manhattan
One Happy Bartender

I made Manhattans and W. made Sazeracs (our respective favorites) and we practiced our cocktail recipes before anyone came over and had quite a few giggles indeed. We may have even indulged in a very silly dog photo shoot, but I’ll never tell.

Piper Shows Me "Good Dog".Oliver - The Cuteness
Whoa Dude

I made my favorite baked tofu recipe (sesame, ginger, garlic with a homemade peanut sauce for dipping) and I am proud to say that in a room full of omnivores it was the first thing we ran out of.

Tofu and Veggies

I also made the best cupcakes I’ve ever made and absolutely did not photograph them. I only got to eat half of one. But goddamn! I am telling you, they were delicious. The s’mores cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. Make these immediately, if not sooner.

[cupcake beauty shot should go here]

While I am (as you for sure know by now) very much an introvert, I love, occasionally, to absolutely fill my house to capacity with people and loud, happy conversations and laughter and food and dogs and jokes. Saturday night definitely delivered on all of these elements.

Good Lighting.Egon Finds a Friend
Ladies 1

Sunday, on the other hand, we had a very relaxing morning of it — sleeping in, coffee made “the hard way,” a potatoey breakfast, and all of Doctor Who season five. Yes, all of it. Definitely one of my top weekends in recent memory. The perfect mix of socializing and hibernating, big fun and big coziness, bourbon and coffee. What’s your perfect weekend recipe?

Cats and Dogs

The dog and the cat are settling into the new place rather well, I must say. Flannery was notoriously cranky and ill-mannered in the old place, hating both the dog (for existing) and me (for refusing to refill her food dish every time she meowed). She mostly lurked in one place and never came out of the office.

In the new place, she has been checking out the entire apartment (although mostly sticking to one end of it), even hanging out on the windowsill occasionally. Isn’t this cute?

Cutely Daydreaming...OF EVIL

But as you can see, she just as often hangs out on the windowsill plotting her next evil act. Here she is darkly scheming:

Pardon Me While I Glower

Can you tell the difference? The secret is that there is no difference. She is always plotting. She was probably imagining the pain she would next inflict on my innocent aloe plant just over in the next windowsill, which she has come to dine upon when her supply of kibble has not been replenished as quickly as she would like.

[228/365] Cat Damage

Poor aloe plant. One morning, she wandered into my bedroom, and I was pleasantly awoken not by soft kitty snuggles and purrs, but rather by the torrent of furious barks unleashed by the hound, who dutifully chased her out of the bedroom before she could come close enough to eat me, which I am confident was her plan all along. So that was a fun way to start my day.

[225/365] Egon

Egon, on the other hand, has been being his usual charming self (aside from the occasional anti-cat outburst). Lately he’s been hanging out with his two newest dog friends (W.’s chihuahua and his Jack Russel/Shih Tzu mix, both of whom are ridiculously cute) and has been so social that when he comes home he’s ready to crash out on the couch like so:

Captain Snuggles.

This is why they call him Captain Snuggles.

In other news, tomorrow is my first day of teaching, and I have four classes in a row with no break until 2:00 PM, so by that time I imagine I will look at my students and see nothing but rows of giant sandwiches sitting in desks. Mmm…sannnndwiches.

Summer Loving

Why hello there! I have a moment in the midst of this crazy work week to post an update, and while I have Other Topics brewing in the back of my mind, I thought I take this time to make a list of all the things I am obsessively loving at the moment. When life brings you stress, make a list of good things. Always works.

[170/365] Kindle!

My new Kindle is fantastic – I have dithered for years about buying one, and finally put one in my shopping cart about a month and a half ago. It took me a while to pull the trigger, but I love it. Reading on it is easy and fun, downloading new books is a breeze, and I don’t have to clutter my house with my silly leisure-reading books. I can save shelf space for my Literary Intellectual-Type Books instead, and walk around reading the latest ridiculous vampire novel with no one the wiser. Oh yeah, baby.

I have also been re-watching Parks & Recreation on hulu, which I am loving just as much as ever. This past season was so great I just decided I wanted more, so I started over at the beginning. I’m halfway through season 2 right now. I’ve also occasionally been re-watching old Simpsons episodes at W’s (the guy) house as he has a bunch of seasons on DVD. Back in college my friends and I used to watch two episodes a night, every night, but in the past 10 years I really have not watched much of it. It’s a pleasure to return to. Best episode ever? “Bart’s Friend Falls in Love,” the B-plot of which is Homer’s subconscious vocabulary builder tapes. “But Marge, the boudoir is where the gourmand metamorphoses into…THE VOLUPTUARY.”


We’ve also introduced our dogs. Egon got to meet two new friends: a chihuahua and a Jack Russell – Shih Tzu mix, who are both very enthusiastic and adorable. They seem to be getting along just fine in the park, but all three are boys, so we will just have to see what happens if they all three are in a non-neutral space together. Things could get pissy if you know what I am saying and I think that you do.

Yoga classes have been great as well – I’ve been hitting a class a week or so and would like to do more, but right now I am nursing that recurring hip-flexor injury and trying to take things easy. At any rate, yoga seems to be a good thing. In classes lately we’ve been trying lots of adventurous poses that we had never really done at my gym before. Crow, bird of paradise, head stand, and eka pada koudinyasana. I haven’t been able to do all of them perfectly but I love trying and knowing I am getting better. Today, I tried a headstand for the first time since gymnastics class as a kid, and I was able to do it easily against the wall. Soon to try: no wall, and coming down from headstand into crow.

On the way home, I was treated to this gorgeous sunset:

Sunset on the way home from yoga.

I made the Malabar spinach from my CSA again, and I am currently having a glass of this gorgeous Oregon Pinot Gris (a gift from a friend whose plants I am watering):


while I catch up on blogs. I have about 70 unread posts in my feed right now so I’m about to hop on over and see what you’ve all been up to.

Are you loving anything lately?