The Week in Workouts [6.30 – 7.6]

This was a pretty decent week in workouts, aside from missing one of my usual runs. I stuck to my stated goals from last week, though, and tried not to push myself and to just let my workouts be whatever felt good. I think that was a success.

Here’s what went down:

Monday: PT. Clam shells, bridges (RB), supermans, squats, single-leg balances, tippy birds.  [Steps: 3,070]

Tuesday:  3.75-mile run. All I remember about this run was that it was hot and sweaty and miserable. I’m sure I was shooting for 4 miles, so I must have cut it off early. [Steps: 16,223]

Wednesday: 3.3-mile hike in the forest preserve. Eaten alive by bugs. Big, aggressive, biting bugs. Blech. Good company and a margarita afterward saved the day! [Steps: 10,816]

Thursday:  Rest Day. Normally this is a run day or something, but it was that Special Time in a woman’s life and I was NOT feeling it. [Steps: 4,906]

Friday:  Power Vinyasa class.  Went to yoga fly to meet up with a friend and wound up seeing two other friends there as well. It was a great class and made me wish I could afford to go there more often.  [Steps: 4,247]



Saturday: 3.2-mile Walk. I had thought about doing my long run Saturday morning, but Friday night’s festivities were taking their toll, so I stayed home for the morning. I took this walk in the afternoon, testing out a pair of new sneakers I got for the upcoming trip.  They should be pretty comfortable. [Steps: 8,628]

Sunday:  8.5-mile run. This is my longest run this year, since going through my hip injury/rehab a few months ago. I’m so happy to be able to add on miles like this again! I think I’d like my goal for the summer and early fall to be running up to 10 miles on the weekend, which certainly seems reachable now. After I get back from our honeymoon, I may have to back up a little bit in mileage, but I’m sure a few weeks of regular running will get me back up to 8-10 miles. Yay. This run was really slow, especially in the uphill section around miles 5-6, but overall I felt strong and like the distance was no problem. [Steps: 20,430]

Totals: Steps: 68,320 D’oh. Even a 20K+ day couldn’t make up for skipping a run. Also, I seriously do NOT know how people who don’t run or walk for exercise get in 10K steps a day just from their daily activities. HOW?


Goals: This week, I’ll only be in town doing traditional “workouts” Monday through Thursday — then CW and I leave for our belated honeymoon. I’d like to get in two runs, at least one walk, and at least one strength/yoga/PT-type workout before we leave town. We’ll be walking a lot every day in Europe, so I want to be ready for that.

The Week in Workouts [6.23 – 6.29]

This week was basically okay.  I didn’t hate it — or, I didn’t hate most of it. Fine. It was a week. A week that happened.


Here’s what went down:

Monday: Normally a run day, but made it a rest day.  Did basically nothing. Did not regret it. [Steps: 3,163]

Tuesday: 4-mile run. Replaced my normal Tuesday workout with Monday’s neglected run; skipped my Body Pump class in continued effort to baby whatever is going on with my shoulder. Instead of going to the gym for speed intervals, I just tried to keep a brisk pace through the neighborhood — but, as it is summer in Alabama, that was a bit silly. First it was grey and muggy and humid, then it started gently drizzling, and the sun was never out. It was hot and gross, nonetheless, but this is about as good as I can hope for, weather-wise, at this point in the year. [Steps: 10,914]

Wednesday: 3.3-mile run. I never learn. It was the wrong time of day for this run. I felt great at first, but once again the uphill-in-the-sun finish did me in. Cut the run off early and walked it in. (I walked another 0.7 miles to round it up to four.) [Steps: 11,963]

Thursday:  2.9-mile elliptical; Body Pump. The warmup was uneventful. Body Pump class was mostly good, but turned out to be more of a struggle than I bargained for. My shoulder was definitely still bothering me during clean/press catches, shoulder raises, and tricep presses. Tried to baby it as much as possible and reduced my weights, but I think I’ll have to skip this class for at least another week or two. SAD.  [Steps: 11,222]

[178/365] Spotted on my walk today.

Friday: 4.3-mile walk. One of my longest walks in my neighborhood! I wanted to put in plenty of steps — partly because I am not going to campus and therefore not getting in any of those steps, and partly to help get myself ready for lots of walking in Greece and Italy. I enjoyed some of my neighbors’ amazing gardens — one with tons of the rare and beautiful Cahaba Lilies, above. This was mostly walking with a quarter mile of running thrown in a few times just for fun. [Steps: 11,538]

Saturday: 6.75-mile run. Let me just say: I am really happy to be regularly running more than six miles lately. So nice. I managed to get myself up early — I’ve just embraced the fact that 7:00 AM is “sleeping in” in my life now — and I got out the door before the weather was too unbearable. I am also embracing a really s-l-o-w pace on these longer runs, and it feels great. [Steps: 16,418]

Sunday Bike Ride

Sunday:  22-mile bike ride. Funny how the same exact route, ride, and company can be great one week and horrible the next.  Woke up feeling bad and should honestly have stayed home. A thousand little niggling awful things going on and that’s all I’ll say about that. [Steps: 4,371]

Totals: Steps 69,589 — close to my goal, and I’m happy with this, especially considering that I didn’t go to campus all week and took an extra rest day on Monday.


Goals: This coming week, I am going to try to make an effort to bring some more of my PT exercises back into my life and to just do whatever feels good and makes me happy. It’s a busy week and I’m battling some cranky hormones, so I’m just going to let my workouts give me some restorative time.

The Week in Workouts [6.16 – 6.22]

This was a pretty good week for workouts, the only exception being that I missed my beloved Body Pump class due to the shoulder pain/injury I mentioned last week. I am feeling better now, so I may likely return to the class this week, at least once, with lighter weights.

In other news, I noticed I was retaining a ton of water on Friday-Saturday-Sunday, and I think it may have had to do with the fact that I was running and biking with plain water instead of anything with electrolytes. It’s so hot and humid and sweaty lately, maybe I need to use electrolyte products more often. Thoughts?

Anyway, here’s what went down:

Monday: 4-mile run. Once again, I took my speed workout to the gym treadmills to take advantage of the air conditioning. I did tempo intervals. Warmup of 1 mile in 10:00, then four repeats of 3:00 fast and 2:00 slow, them ran the remaining distance up to 4 miles as my cool down. Fast intervals at 8:34, 8:34, 8:20, 8:20. I felt good during this run, but also could tell I was challenging myself with the paces on those last two intervals. Success. [Steps: 12,715]

Tuesday: This is normally one of my Body Pump days, but instead I just went on a walk through the neighborhood. I ran about a mile in the middle, just to make this my “bonus run” for the week.[Steps:  10,009]

Wednesday: It was so hot and miserable. This run was just destined not to go well — I wound up needing to stop at home for the restroom at about mile 2.75, then planned to run the rest of the way to 4.0, but going uphill in the sun killed me again and I had to switch to a walk. Meh. It’s only June and I’m already in that state of bitter resignation about the hot weather. [Steps: 11,678]

Thursday: Rest day. Did a little extra walking around campus and downtown — but it didn’t amount to many steps. [Steps: 4,987]

Friday: 7-mile run. I ran my “long” run of the week on Friday instead of the usual Saturday this week, and I had to get up unusually early to fit it in — but I’m so glad I did. I had a really great run today – felt good the whole way, enjoyed the slightly cooler morning air, and was pain free. Mile six was like a damned obstacle run, though: I had to navigate my way through/around a big construction project, a swath of fresh tar, and an open fire hydrant! The rest of the day involved two separate trips to campus plus a post-exam happy hour, adding up to a lot of steps. I think this is one of only 2-3 times I’ve broken 20K steps in one day. [Steps: 20,140]

Saturday: 22-mile bike ride. CW and I and our friend Nolan got an early start and took a new-to-us route south of town. It was delightfully quiet on the roads, for the most part, and we had a few challenging hills, but nothing that completely killed me. Really nice ride. The rest of the day included driving to Atlanta and then wandering around our friends’ neighborhood — I think almost all my steps came from walking around Atlanta. Not too shabby.[Steps: 10,739]

Sunday: Rest day. Did almost literally nothing. [Steps: 2,671]

Totals: Steps 72,939

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 4.53.20 PM

Goals: This coming week, I don’t have any work obligations or reasons to go to campus. The good thing about that is that I’ll be free to put in my workouts whenever I like. The bad part is that when I don’t go to campus, I struggle to get very many steps in. My goals are to get in my three runs, one ride, and at least two strength or PT workouts — AND to make an effort to meet my step goal of 70K despite not going to campus.

The Week in Workouts [6.9 – 6.15]

For the most part, this was a good week in workouts. The only problem is that it seems I completely neglected to do any PT sessions, mini or otherwise. I have absolutely no excuse.

In other not-so-great news, this mild shoulder pain seems to be hanging around a little more consistently. I think it’s a little rotator cuff inflammation, but I don’t really know. I certainly don’t feel like seeing a doctor or PT about it at the moment. I want to think it isn’t being caused by Body Pump, but then, what else could it be? Sigh. I don’t want to quit going to the class, but maybe I should, for a week at least? UGH.


On to the workouts, then. Here’s what went down:

Monday: 4-mile Run. I took it to the air-conditioned gym treadmill for a tempo workout. I did speed intervals (I’m going to call them “tempo intervals,” because it turns out they should have been faster). I had a warmup and cooldown of about a mile each at 10:00 pace. The fast intervals were 3:00 each, paces of 9:05, 8:57, 8:57, 8:34. (Next time I’ll start at 8:34.) Slow intervals were 2:00 each at about 10:00 pace. [Steps: 14,877]

Tuesday: 1-km Rowing Machine, 2-mile Elliptical, Body Pump. I wanted to do an elliptical warmup, but the machines nearby were all taken, so I experimented with the rowing machine for a few minutes. It was my first time — should it seem like mostly an upper-body workout? Because my legs didn’t feel like they were working very much. Moved on to the elliptical after it was available. In Body Pump, I backed off a level on the weights because I was feeling a little iffy in the shoulder.  [Steps: 8,882]

Wednesday: 4-mile Run. I had eaten a heavy lunch, and following it up with a run in the steamy post-thunderstorm air was slow and painful. Nonetheless, it is never not good to be out there putting in the miles. [Steps: 12,241]

Thursday: 1-mile Run (split), Body Pump. I ran about .65 of this run before Body Pump and the rest after. I got to the gym with only a few minutes to spare, but I wanted to get some quick cardio in anyway, so I tried to do as much as I could. As it turned out, I could have completed the mile before class after all (class started late), but I just came back after class and ran for another 3 minutes. Thanks for nothing, stupid long afternoon meeting that made me miss my normal warmup. Body Pump class went well; I went back up to my heavier weights. [Steps: 9,750]

Friday: Rest Day. [Steps: 4,089]

Saturday: 5.5-mile Run. It was soooo hot on Saturday — it was mostly my own fault for overdoing it at Friday Happy Hour and needing to stay in bed a little longer the following morning. OOPS. I felt good throughout the run, but by the last mile the sun was really baking down on me and I had to slow down and keep dumping water over my head. I cut it off at 5.5 for that reason and for the reason that I happened to be near my house and I didn’t feel like tacking on an extra half mile when I could just stop. Fine. [Steps: 16,068]

Sunday: 3.4-mile Walk. My husband did his bike ride solo this week so he could work speed and hills, and I decided to just walk. It was pleasant out there.  [Steps: 9,420]

Totals: Steps: 75,327 (Woo hoo!)

Screen shot 2014-06-16 at 11.09

Goals: This next week, I’d like to take care of my shoulder, so I’ll skip at least Tuesday’s Body Pump class and see if that helps. I’d also like to add a mile of running to my weekly total (7 miles on the weekend?) and do three PT mini-sessions.

The Week in Workouts [6.2 – 6.8]

This was a great week in workouts! My only regret is that I did not get in as many PT mini-sessions as I would have liked. Everything else fell into place beautifully, and I was really happy to be successfully increasing my distance on runs and getting in a lovely Sunday morning bike ride. I would like to order up more weeks just like this, please.


Here’s what went down:

Monday: 4-mile Tempo Run. The tempo part was the first three miles (9:48, 9:34, 9:30), and then I ran the last one at an easy pace of 10+. Sadly, that is pretty fast for me these days, with the heat and the general tiredness — by the time I got to the last mile, actually, there wasn’t really a choice as to whether to keep going at tempo pace or make it a cool-down mile. My ass was tired! Felt good, though. [Steps: 11,718]

Tuesday: 3-mile Elliptical + Body Pump. Lately I have been having trouble with the fact that I’d like to add more weight on squats, but I’m only able to clean+press so much weight, which limits the mount I can get up onto my back. This class, I was finally able to get the higher weight up there. I should admit, this is a total of, like, 40 lbs — including the bar. I feel like I could squat a lot more than that (especially with fewer reps than you do in Body Pump class, which is maybe 100), but without a rack, this is where we are. Shoulder/rotator was a little sore throughout, so I had to skip the rotator raises on the right side. I hope that goes away soon…  [Steps: 11,466]

My excitement at finding out it was National Running Day translated into stepping out in my brightest gear. #flystyle

Wednesday: 4-mile Run + PT Mini-Session. The internet reminded me it was National Running Day! This translated into me putting on all my brightest gear and taking a pre-workout selfie, because that’s just how I roll, I guess. I wanted to run sans watch/music, but in skipping those parts of my prep, I also wound up leaving my water bottle at home. OOPS. Made it, though. PT was all balance: trees, tippy birds, more trees on a pillow, airplanes on a pillow. Feeling a lot stronger on all of these! [Steps: 12,517]

Thursday: 2.7-mile Walk-Run + Body Pump. Alternated running and walking for 8 laps of the track at the rec center. In Body Pump, I maintained my weight increase everywhere and added weight on lunges. Feeling good. A little shoulder wonkiness still, but I’m largely unconcerned.  [Steps: 11,515]

Friday: Rest Day. Happy hour and a (veggie) burger and fries for dinner. Excellent. [Steps: 4,285]

Saturday: 6-Mile Run + PT Mini-Session. Nice run today! The longest I’ve gone since before my most recent bout of PT. Feeling good. No emergency pit stops, so that’s already better than last week. I kept it slow/easy effort for the first three miles, then gradually picked up the pace. Started at about 10:40 and did the last mile in 9:48. PT was Clam Shells (RB), Bridges (RB), Single-Leg Bridges. [Steps: 14,624]

Here's Nolan making friends with some donkeys.

Sunday: 21.5-mile Bike Ride. Great, easy-paced ride this morning with CW and our friend Nolan. The guys usually do their rides together, but I got to come along on this one and we had so much fun. Lots of pretty landscape and a few stops for pictures and to wait for a train to pass. Afterward, N and his wife made brunch for us, which included fabulous eggs Benedict. Excellent Sunday morning if I do say so. [Steps: 5,997]

Totals: Steps 72,122 — For the first time since I’ve been logging my step totals with the week in workouts, I have exceeded my goal of 70,000 per week! Hooray!

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 8.08.21 PM

Goals: This next week, I would like to get in three solid runs of about the same distance as last week’s but with the addition of a speed workout on Monday*. I’d also like to continue my strength training with two weights classes and at least 3 PT mini-sessions. Getting in another bike ride would be the icing on the cake.

*I am posting this Monday night and I can tell you that I have already succeeded at getting that speed workout done. BOOM.

The Week in Workouts [5.26 – 6.1]

Things returned mostly to normal this week and whatever was ailing my entire right side (Foot! Knee! Hip! Shoulder!) abated. I still didn’t push it too hard this week, but I stayed fairly active.

[147/365] Leaving campus.

Here’s what went down:

Monday: 3-mile walk. I was still feeling things out on Monday and wasn’t ready for a real run yet, so I just hoofed it out the door and got my butt moving for a while.  I also started a PT mini-session, but I can’t count it because I got distracted by something and only ever did super mans. Maybe it was a micro-session? [Steps: 8,803]

Tuesday: 1.9-mile Elliptical + Body Pump. Back to the gym. I decided I’m going to try the elliptical machine as a pre-weights warm-up instead of running/walking. On a day when I don’t have a scheduled run, switching to lower impact activity couldn’t hurt, right?  Body pump class was good. I increased weights on a lot of the muscle groups. My only problem: I’d like to add weight to my squats, but I was having trouble getting the heavier bar over my head into position, so I took the added weight back off.  [Steps: 9,722]

Wednesday: 4-mile Run + PT Mini-Session. I almost only ran three, but I was honestly feeling so good (pain free!) that I made it four. The afternoon heat had me moving pretty slowly, so I figured I wasn’t at risk of pushing it too hard. PT consisted of bird dogs, single-leg balances, and squats while cooking dinner. Bonus points?!  [Steps: 11,675]

Thursday: 2-mile Elliptical + Body Pump. Same routine as Tuesday. I am so happy that this class is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays — two days when I can absolutely attend! Last semester, it was Wednesdays and Fridays, and I could only make the Friday class 2-3 times the entire season. Two weights classes a week is just what I need. I had the same problem with the squat bar this time — it took me a while, cognitively, to realize that I needed to focus on a solid clean-and-press form to get it up there. I figured it out too late, after I took the added weight back off. Next week, I’ll try again. SHEESH. This seems like a problem you only have when you have huge legs and baby-bird arms like I do.    [Steps: 9,231]

Friday: PT Mini-Session.  Clam shells, single-leg bridges, and airplanes. [Steps: 5,100]

Saturday: 5.5-mile Run. Oh, y’all. This was almost a perfect run. My legs felt great throughout, but I had to stop and walk (and almost quit) at about mile three, due to poor bathroom planning. I guess at this point I am just no longer used to the “go before you leave home” necessity of longer runs. A 3-4 mile run? Woulda been fine. At any rate, I found a public restroom after walking about a half mile, and then picked up the run (and re-started the Garmin) from there. It was actually a 6-mile route, but I only ran/tracked 5.5. Better luck next weekend! [Steps: 13,960]

Sunday: PT Mini-Session.  Squats, scissors, supermans. I’d wanted a walk today, but I opted to lie on the couch reading a novel and snacking all day. No regrets. [Steps: 2,847]

Totals: Steps 61,338

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 6.08.53 PM

Goals: This coming week, I’d like to get in three solid runs, two body pump classes, a bike ride, and 4-5 PT mini-sessions. It’ll be a lot, but I think I can swing it.

The Week in Workouts [5.19 – 5.25]

This wasn’t the greatest week for workouts. At various points I had the distinct and discouraging feeling that my entire body was falling apart. The inflammation I had going on in my hip Monday took a couple of days to go away. I also had a sore, awkward-feeling foot and some weird pain in my shoulder. All on the same side. I have no idea what started it, but I assume they were all related in some kind of chain reaction.

Foam roller, I love/hate you.

At any rate, I did my best to listen to my body and not do anything that would aggravate any of the angry areas. This meant more rest, less intensity, less distance, etc. Here’s how it all shook out.

Monday: PT. Clam Shells (RB), Bridges (RB), Single-Leg Bridges , Scissors (RB) , Supermans, Squats, Duck Walks (RB), MC Hammers (RB), Single-Leg Balances, Airplanes, Stretch/Foam Roller [Steps: 5,163]

Tuesday: 2.7-mile Walk-Run + Body Pump. I walked around the indoor track at the rec center for a total of 8 laps (1/3 mile per lap), alternating running and walking. It didn’t feel quite normal, even though most of my pain had faded. I kept it slow and stopped when I felt I needed to. In Body Pump class, I felt good and didn’t encounter any problems — while my shoulder had been hurting me off and on, none of the exercises seemed to bother it, so. [Steps: 10,341]

Wednesday: Rest. I went and hung out at my friend B’s pool in the afternoon. My shoulder was bothering me again, but one dose of ibuprofen knocked the pain out and it didn’t come back for several days.  [Steps: 5,481]

Thursday: Yoga. A pretty gentle hatha-type class at the rec center. I love this teacher for being so kind and encouraging, but at heart I’d rather have a power/vinyasa flow class.   [Steps: 5,803]

Friday: Rest. Also, happy hour.  [Steps: 4,299]

Saturday: 3-mile Run. First legit run of the week. I ran really, really slowly and took a walking break each mile (about 0.05-0.10 mile each time). No pain in my foot or hip or shoulder during the run, but my shoulder was sore again after. Huh? Once again, a single dose of painkiller fixed it. No idea what’s causing that problem, but it hasn’t reappeared since, knock wood. [Steps: 8,975]

Sunday: 3-mile Walk-Run + PT Mini-Session. While out on my slow, gentle walk run (alternating quarter miles), I came up with a new strategy for doing my PT: I have been struggling to get in two real PT sessions, so I decided I would try to do a daily (or almost-daily) mini-session, limiting myself to three major moves each day and switching them up. I think/hope that with the knowledge that I only have to commit to doing three moves, I’ll find it easier to get going each day. Clam Shells, Single-Leg Bridges, Squats (narrow & wide). [Steps: 11,619]

Totals: 51,681 Steps

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 6.20.57 PM

Goals: This coming week, I hope to return to some more regular runs, body permitting. I’d also like to hit Body Pump class twice and get in at least 5 PT mini-sessions.