Back in the Game?

After feeling much better yesterday — better enough for a slow and short (but so happy!) run — I decided today was the day to return to one of my regular classes at the gym. It’s been part of my Wednesday routine all semester. I go with a few friends every week and we all motivate each other to show up, I’ve hated to miss it the past two weeks.

The class is a high-intensity interval session that’s only 30 minutes long, and it’s run tabata style (general calisthenics for 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off). As the name implies, it’s intense, but it’s also quite manageable. You can do basically anything for 20 seconds.

Normally, this class is one that feels like a really good workout, and, happily, I usually wish it were longer. Forty-five minutes or an hour would be fine by me. After class, my friends and I usually hit the indoor track for about 30-45 minutes of brisk walking and talking before we head home, which makes it feel like a pleasant and productive hour and also a fun time to socialize.

Well, let me tell you how ugly it was today. Hooo boy. At one point during a set of burpees, which I was already modifying to exclude the push up, I couldn’t decide whether I was more likely to pass out or barf. Please don’t let me pass out, I pleaded with the universe, but also please don’t let me barf. The feeling continued for the rest of the class and only by the grace of dog did I keep my shit together. Phew.

So, at any rate, while I’m feeling much, much better, it’s quite clear that I am not 100% yet. Missing two weeks of workouts is one thing, but being completely knocked on my ass is another (I’ve honestly never had a “cold” quite like this before, what EVEN?!). So I’m feeling ready to work, but maybe not completely equipped yet, physically. I’ll get there. I’ve got a run planned for tomorrow morning — let’s see what happens.

The House, the Lawn, the Blazer, and the Body

Because I miss writing here and still have lots of little things on my mind, I’m really feeling the desire to just get some of it out. I have somewhat unstructured time in my office today (and hence, time at my desk/computer), so I am going to attempt another post filled with a mix of random small items. If I get a moment here or there to add to it, I will. I’ll post whatever I have when it’s time to pack up.

Thing One (file under “Not-So-Awesome Day of Domesticity,” also “Let Us Never Speak of This in Person; Seriously, If You Bring It Up I Will Pretend I Don’t Know What You Are Talking About”): Pantry Bugs. Oh yeah, that’s right. We had pantry bugs. On an otherwise idyllic Sunday morning (sleep in late, stay in bed a while, make a big pot of coffee, start making eggs for breakfast), we found a whole disgusting host of tiny little speck-like bugs had invaded our pantry and were having themselves a bountiful feast made up of all our dry goods. Just-purchased bag of flour and canister of oatmeal, we hardly knew ye.

So, we spent the entire morning and afternoon cleaning everything out and re-organizing. We wound up with a very neat and clean pantry and we didn’t lose anything we were too heartbroken about — with the exception, of course, of our lazy, cozy, idyllic Sunday morning. We’ll never get that back.

Thing Two (file under “A Not-So-Awesome Thing We Turned around and Made Awesome”): We’ve been living in our rental house since last July, shortly after we got engaged. For the most part, it has been lovely and we are really happy here (although we are both looking forward to buying a house in the hopefully near future). The one real issue we’ve had with the place is the landscaping. When we leased the house, we were under the impression that we would be in charge of all the lawn and garden maintenance, but our company told us they actually provided lawn mowing, etc., included in our rent. Which would be fine, except they hardly ever actually do these things. We thought it was supposed to happen every two weeks, but this summer it’s been more like every three weeks. The grass gets SO LONG, y’all. It’s embarrassing. (See post header photo.)

When we had friends over for a BBQ last spring, we found ourselves self-consciously apologizing for the super-high, itchy grass. When CW’s parents came to stay with us this summer, we were wishing and hoping (and finally calling on the phone to beg) for the lawn guy to come mow before our family could see how horrible the yard looked. (They did — the lawn got mowed just hours before my in-laws’ arrival.) Every time the grass starts to get really long, we dither back and forth for a couple of days, starting with “Should we call and complain again?” and leading to “Should we just buy a lawnmower and do it ourselves?” and eventually stopping at “Well, they should be here tomorrow, they said, so let’s see.” Finally, we managed to stop the cycle at “Should we buy a lawmower,” at which point we decided that yes, we should, so we did, and my husband is SO HAPPY. The man loves his new lawnmower and the lawn is mowed and WE are in control of our own destiny and the birds are singing and we aren’t hiding from our neighbors in shame anymore.

Thing Three (file under “I Was an Idiot and Now I’m Sad”): I bought a few new pieces of clothing at Gap before school, started and I wound up with $50 worth of “Gap cash” to spend during a specific range of dates this month. I knew exactly what I was going to use it on (a blazer like this one, but which I can’t find on the site). In between then and now, I wound up having to buy a car all of a sudden and I decided that my new resulting budget did not have room for any more clothing purchases this fall, and I was fine with that. A self-imposed shopping freeze is often a good thing for me. I would not buy any more new clothes. I did not need any more new clothes. Except maybe that blazer, which I really wanted, and for which I had basically a $50 coupon. Maybe I would buy that. So I bided my time and waited for the date when I could use the Gap cash and I went to the Gap and guess what? I had read the stupid date wrong and my cash had expired and I couldn’t even bring myself to go inside the store without it because I wasn’t even supposed to be buying clothes in the first place. Womp wommmmmp.

Thing Four (file under “Getting Older Stinks Sometimes”): I registered for that 5K I mentioned, which should be awesome and fun and way too hot on that morning to really race it, which is OK because it will be fun and my friends are doing it with me and yay, 5K. Except on Tuesday as I was doing some speed intervals through my neighborhood and I got all spun up at my goal race pace, I got a weird, unidentifiable pain in the back of my knee that just would not shake out. It wasn’t like a pulled muscle or any kind of impact pain. I don’t even know how to describe it, but it sucked. I had to cut the run short and now I haven’t worked out all week. The pain never came back, so I’m hoping it won’t show its face again during Saturday’s race. Stupid knee, you are on my list (keeping company with my hip, skin, hair, gums, reproductive system, and flora). Aging. Ain’t it grand.

The Week in Workouts

I recently have been feeling the urge to step it up hen it comes to my workouts, and in particular to improve my running. I still have to hold back a little bit with the recent hip injury (and indeterminate foot weirdness?), but even though I’m not adding a ton of mileage right now, I’d like to work on some speed and consistency. Hence: the return of The Week in Workouts.

Seen on my run.

Here we go:

Monday: Ran one mile on the treadmill to test my Newtons and then finished my workout with another 2.15 miles in my old Brooks. The second phase of the workout involved a few one-minute speed intervals, working my way up to about 7:50 pace, which I haven’t seen in a while.

Tuesday: Walked about three miles through my neighborhood just to get some steps in, then later did some PT exercises in front of the TV. PT and TV go well together.

Wednesday: Ran one mile on the treadmill in the Newtons again, then took myself outside for another two miles in my Brooks. It was a beautiful day out, but at 4:30 PM, it felt ridiculously hot. I suppose I should get used to it: hot weather is upon us. After my run I also hit my last body pump class of the semester. I really hope there’s a class offered during summer that will fit my schedule — I love body pump and would love to go maybe 2-3 times a week if I can.

Thursday: Walked two miles through my neighborhood to get in some steps, but, disappointingly, I felt some more big toe joint pain afterwards. I iced it and it disappeared and hasn’t returned yet, so, maybe it’s not a big deal.

Friday: Rest. Too busy teaching my last day of classes, going to meetings, and happy houring. PT should have taken place, but did not. Can’t win ’em all!

I guess it's officially hot weather. Time for my shorts and some wacky sunglasses.

Saturday: Hot weather is here, people. I could not deny it any more and finally had to bust out the shorts and sunglasses. At this point, I have officially decided to keep the Newtons, so I took them on their inaugural outdoor run in my neighborhood — still only one mile, though. Next week, I’ll work up to two miles in them. After the Newton mile, I added another 2.8 miles in my Brooks. I had a little dull discomfort in my right mid foot again on this run, but nothing I’d call pain, per se. The notion of a possible stress fracture/stress reaction occasionally flits through my brain, but I think I may be paranoid. Nonetheless, I won’t increase my mileage or intensity until the odd feelings are well and truly gone. As much as I’d like to right now — I feel like all I want to do is run!

Sunday: Bike workout? Nope. No bike workout. That was my intention, but instead I spent some time potting a few flowers and cleaning up the patio. Not exactly a workout, but there you have it.

Weekly Totals:

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 8.26.36 AM

Goals: This coming week, I’d like to do another good speed workout plus two other runs, get in at least one bike ride, and two weights/PT sessions.

Heading Back to the Trails, Trying New Shoes

I mentioned a few days ago that I’d had some weird issues and pains in one foot recently, the worst of which was a sudden, sharp, awful pain in the top of my foot/ankle that came on during a run a couple of weeks ago. While that pain never returned (sweet fancy Moses, what WAS it?!), since then I’ve been dealing with a little pain in my big toe joint on the same foot.

Thanks to google, Runner’s World, some poking and prodding, and a few short test runs, I determined I probably had a mild case of metatarsalgia in that foot and started looking for treatment and shoe recommendations.

Even though I’m still running on it (but not adding to my distance at the moment), the pain has been fading away. Right now, its at a level that — were I not actually attuned to it and looking for pain — I wouldn’t even notice it. It’s not 100% normal now, but it’s definitely getting there.

I think the following things helped: I laid off running for a week or so and stuck to cycling and PT exercises instead; I iced the foot whenever I noticed any pain; I kept my first couple of runs back really mellow and easy.

I also have been dragging my butt out to the local forest preserve to hit the trails. One article I read suggested running on softer surfaces, so the trails seemed like a great idea. I hadn’t been out there since last summer, and now, in early spring, is such a lovely time to run in the woods. There’s no terrible humidity; the massive spider webs that stretch across the trail in summer aren’t around yet; the temperature is just right; it’s not too muddy. Perfect.

[107/365] Creek Crossing

We don’t have tons of dramatic scenery out at this park, but it’s still a nice place to go get away from the traffic and other stressors of the city streets. The worst things you have to worry about in the woods are tripping over a rock or root (Every. Single. Time.), getting too familiar with the local insects, and — sometimes — having to ask yourself what kind of large animal was making that rustling noise just off the trail. (Always assume it’s a rabbit. Trust me.)

Wooden Bridge

In my reading, I also encountered a lot of people who recommended Newtons for runners who had forefoot or toe pain after moving to more minimal shoes or switching to a mid-foot strike. I have been running in the more minimal Brooks Pure Cadence for about a year, and never had any toe pain until recently, but I wondered if maybe they were putting too much stress on the sore toe joint. Sooo, of course, this led to me impulsively buying a pair of Newtons from Zappos (deeply discounted because they’re last year’s model — I certainly do not have the money to support buying Newtons at their regular price).

All right @newtonrunning. Let's see what your wacky science can do...

Today I tested them out on the treadmill for just one mile (they recommend transitioning to them slowly), and I think I like them. The weird thing about Newtons is that they have these lugs under the forefoot that are meant to help support/encourage a mid-foot/fore-foot strike (see here if you want their explanation). The lugs certainly felt odd at first, but they seemed to sort of disappear beneath my feet after I’d been running in the shoes for a half mile or so. Over all, the toe box is a bit roomier than my Brooks, which may help me out as well. At this point, I think I’ll be keeping them, but I’ll stick to some short treadmill runs for the first week or so while I get used to them.

The good news is: since finishing my stint in PT, my hip pain has not resurfaced. What a relief! I am doing my best to stick to the exercises on a regular basis and I feel good about it. I also think this could be a really great spring and summer for running. I want to get out there and enjoy the sunshine and work on my form and speed and just do my thing. Whee!

Bike Bash 20-Miler

Last weekend was Bike Bash weekend here in town. I’ve been wanting to participate in one of the Bike Bash group rides for a few years now, but it’s never worked out. There were thunderstorms, travel conflicts, um…hangovers. You know. Even though I’ve had it on my calendar as a possibility every year, it’s just never happened until this year.

There are a variety of rides you can choose, from 3 miles up to about 30 miles. Since this would be CW’s and my first outdoor ride of the season, we opted for the 20 miler. Enough distance to get some time in, but not enough to make us wish we were better prepared or to lament the state of our saddle areas afterward. It turned out to be just right.

Ready to go.

The city really gets everything set up well for this event. They had all kinds of food and entertainment set up at the start location, including a booth for our local bike shop in case you needed anything. We got there a little early to pick up our registration bags and then kinda hung out waiting for our group to take off.

I had been worried about keeping up with everyone (I tend to be slow on the bike), but it was mostly no problem. We hung with the rest of the group pretty well until a little past the halfway point when we got separated at a stoplight (the people ahead of us just made it through and the last 5-6 of us had to stop). At one point, I managed to catch back up with the group ahead, but I turned back to look for my husband and he was nowhere in sight, so I waited for him and let the group go.

Over all, it was really fun — we chatted with some other people around us, took in the scenery, and did our best to enjoy the absolutely miserable spring weather. It was sunny with a few puffy clouds, tons of flowers and trees blooming, a light breeze, and clear, dry roads. Terrible, I tell you what.

The police helpfully appeared at a few key intersections to stop traffic for the cyclists, allowing us to navigate some potentially tricky areas with ease. As a rider who easily gets nervous about traffic, I really appreciated this aspect. I just kept thinking why can’t we get them out here for every weekend ride?

[102/365] Uh, do we have helmet hair?

In the end, we had a blast. We made it back to the starting point in about 90 minutes — not a fast ride, really (I think my husband wanted to go faster most of the time — except apparently for the one time when I lost him while I was playing Bridge The Gap), but a great first outing for the spring. I am really looking forward to getting out for some long(er) weekend rides this summer. Once the crazy texting-while-driving college kids kinda clear out of town, the roads will be mine. MINE I TELL YOU MIIIIINE.

PharmaFit 5K Race Report

Two weeks ago I ran the first 5K I’ve done in over a year. The last one I ran was a trail race, so this was the first road 5K in…well, I could look it up, but I’m too lazy. Let’s just say it’s been A GOOD WHILE.

With injury recovery (and hence minimal speed workouts) and then running mainly distance races of 10 miles or more (last spring/fall), I have put speed on the back burner lately, so I didn’t really have a time goal for this race. My pace on training runs has been anywhere from 9:20-10:20, depending on the day, so in addition to not having a time goal, I didn’t even know what to expect in terms of my finish.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 11.41.47 AM

It had been raining HARD all day, and I got soaked when I arrived on campus to meet up with a couple of friends before the race. I left my music and phone in the car and grabbed a rain jacket at the last minute, and wore my old shoes. (It was potentially a bad idea on the shoes, as I’ve had some foot/toe pain ever since. Maybe it’s time to toss out that pair.)

A few friends of mine were running the race as well — one of whom was about 30 weeks pregnant at the time, and she ran so strong! — and we hung around the registration area chatting and hoping the weather would calm down for the race.

Luckily, it did, dying down to a light drizzle just before the start. I wound up ditching my jacket at the last second, which turned out to be a good decision, because by the time we were half a mile in, the rain had stopped completely.

5k 3

Aubie was there to start the race, and we took off for a loop around campus. My friends and I quickly lost sight of each other, with the fast guys out front, my pregnant friend farther back, and me in the middle.

5k 4

The run started out well enough– I always go out too fast, and this was no exception. Even though I could see the faster runners leaving me in their dust, and even though I actively tried not to race too hard, I saw a time of 8:55 when my Garmin beeped at mile one. I was pleased to see I could run ONE mile at a sub-9 pace (it’s been A GOOD WHILE since I’ve done that, too), but I was worried about keeping it up.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 11.43.24 AM

Shortly after that mile, we hit the longest and steepest hill on the course at about 1.5 miles in. This was the moment when I wanted to slow to a walk — and a lot of folks did — but I managed to push through to the top. My pace for mile two dropped to about 9:36 because of that hill, but I was happy I persevered and, if I remember correctly, also passed a few people on it.

The third mile took us back around through campus to the start, and by this point the runners were so spread out I felt fairly alone on the road. It was just me and my heinously heavy breathing, huffing and puffing up the gradual inclines.

OK, this is a pointless negative thought that I’m about to explain, but I feel the need to put it out there: I often feel pretty self-conscious when I’m really burning it up on the run course, huffing and puffing and pumping my arms, face all violet and mouth hanging open in a desperate gasp — I’m a solidly mid-pack runner (I was 4-5 minutes slower than the winner in my age group, for example), so I sometimes feel like maybe it looks a little pathetic that I’m trying so hard to be mediocre. Like, hey, look at her, racing so hard for … no particular reason. Isn’t it adorable that she tries so hard?

(I know. I am my own reason. I don’t need to be racing to break the tape to justify putting in an effort. But I still feel a little ridiculous.)

At any rate, I really was burning it up. I even had a split second of light-headedness at the top of he last hill. A little disconcerting, but a clear signal that I wasn’t joking around. That third mile clocked in at 8:59. (For me, right now, at mile 3 of a race, running uphill: burning it UP.)

As I turned the last corner and saw the finish line ahead (passing by but barely able to acknowledge my cheering friend on the sideline, I was breathing so hard), I checked my watch and saw I was near my old 5K PR (from 2010, 26:36). I was too far from the finish to be able to make it, though– in fact, the finish looked deceptively closer than it was, and I made it in at 27:47, just over a minute slower than the old PR.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 11.41.38 AM

I was pleasantly surprised.

We stuck around for age group awards and door prizes (I won an absolutely gigantic tee shirt from Max Fitness in the drawing).


Can I just tell you how they did age group awards? In 18-25 and 26-35, they gave first, second, and third prizes. In 36-50 and 50+, they gave first prize only. Guess what I placed? Second. In the 36-50 age group. Womp wommmmp. My friend Chase and I were sort of bummed that the prizes in our age group only went one deep even while other age groups went three deep– he was 2nd or 3rd for men in the same age group, so we both basically got robbed. Oh well! I guess there’s just no love for the second- and third-fastest middle-aged (I GUESS???) people at this 5K.

Prizes aside, I still had a great time and I was so pleased at my race. This tells me that once I do start adding speed work back into my schedule (now that my hip is healed), I should be able to make some good gains.

The Week in Workouts, Vol. 6

I considered this past week to be a moderate success. Any time I get in something more than just my usual three runs, I’m doing okay, I think. I never really have to motivate myself to get out the door and run: it’s my favorite exercise; it’s simple; I’d do it even more often if I weren’t so injury prone. The other activities, however? Classes that have to be fit into a schedule? Bike trainers that have to be moved and set up? Enh. Those things are easy to skip. So If I do ANY of them, good for me.

Well. It's a beautiful rainy morning for a 10-mile race.
From last week’s rainy ten-miler.

Monday: Bike Trainer. Fifty minutes on the bike trainer while watching an episode of The Vampire Diaries. I go hard during the commercial breaks (about 2 minutes) and go steady, high cadence but easier gear, during the show. This seems like a pretty decent workout, but I think I could be taking it a little further.

Tuesday: Three-Mile Run. I normally do my Tuesday run on the treadmill after bootcamp, but this week I allowed myself to sleep in and skip bootcamp, so I took the run outside, setting my Garmin for the intervals. I did ten minutes warming up at an easy pace, then ten minutes of slow-fast intervals, then a ten-minute cooldown. I can’t see the paces on my watch screen when I have it set for intervals, so I wasn’t sure how fast I was going until I could look at the stats on my computer at homes. Turns out I was not going that fast (9:10-9:20 when I’d been aiming for 8:30). Oops. I need to figure out how to set my watch screen so I can see what’s going on.

Wednesday: Rest. 

Thursday: Run. Five miles around my normal neighborhood route. It was cold and sunny out and just the perfect weather for fall running. I LOVE IT. I had intended to do a tempo run, but it turned out that a harder effort didn’t result in a faster pace. I don’t know; this week seemed to be just a bad week for speed.

Friday: Rest. 

Saturday: Rest.

Sunday: Run. Seven (point something) miles around town. It was a lovely day out and the run mostly went well, except for two things: 1) a strange dog (large pit-bull-type mix) followed me for about two miles, and 2) I got some persistent stomach trouble about half a mile from home and had to switch to a walk. (I’d been aiming for eight miles.) The dog thing was just annoying — he seemed like a pretty friendly dog, but I had no idea where he came from or what his deal was, and I could NOT shake him. I was about to just give in to the idea that I had a companion for the entire run, but then another runner crossed my path and the dog followed her instead. I wonder what happened to the dude. I hope he found his way home!

The current week is already shaping up to be better than the past few weeks have been in terms of exercise frequency and variety. We’re finally done with most of the wedding-related meetings and errands, so that’s not disrupting my schedule, and work is a little lighter this week as well. ‘Bout time!


Tough Ten Race Report

On Saturday, I ran my first ever ten-mile race. Since I’ve never raced this particular distance before, I knew I was in for an automatic PR. Don’t you love when that happens?

I did have a pretty modest goal for myself nonetheless: I wanted to finish in less than 1:40 (averaging a sub-10:00 pace per mile). Back in the days before I spent so much time dealing with my ongoing hip injury, that goal would have been really easy for me, but these days there’s no guarantee. Especially with a race that has “tough” right there in the name.

I suspect the “tough” in “Tough Ten” comes from the course’s rolling hills:

ten miler

Let’s face it, though, every single race in my town has similarly hilly terrain. As does my own neighborhood, so, you know. Nothing unexpected there.

I’d done runs of 8-10 miles a few times this fall, so I knew I had the distance part down, and I figured I’d try to challenge myself a little on the pace, but leave myself able to finish feeling strong and not exhausted.

Saturday morning, the weather was in the mid-60s, much cooler than it’s been this fall, and there was a light rain coming down when I left the house. At the last minute, I grabbed a jacket and a hat with a brim, to keep the rain off my face. I wound up being glad for the hat, but could have left the jacket at home as I spent miles 3-10 running with it tied around my waist.

Starting Line

(Aubie at the starting line. Festive!)

About 100 runners took off a little after 7:30 AM, and as the pack started to thin out a bit I realized I was definitely in the back 1/3 of the pack. I never really enjoy that feeling. At some point in the past I got used to being a little faster — in the front half, at least — and I don’t relish feeling slow. There wan’t much to be done about it, though. I was already going a good bit faster than my target pace and I certainly wasn’t going to try to “race” the rest of the pack.


(Do I look mildly terrified above? I don’t know what was going on.)

The splits for my first six miles, in fact, were much quicker than I’d really expected, coming in at 9:27, 9:36, 9:29, 9:44, 9:38, and 9:55. My pace for mile seven was about 9:30-ish until I walked through a water stop at about 6.8 miles in, slowing me down enough to average 10:02 for that mile. Nonetheless, I was pretty psyched that I was able to maintain a sub-10 pace for so long into the race!

The last few miles were tougher, though: they were slightly uphill toward the finish, and my legs were pretty tired by this point. The couple of folks I’d been running near all morning slowly pulled away from me, leaving me running mostly on my own. With a few out-and-backs on the course, I was able to see who was still behind me: mostly walkers. Well then. My pace at this point felt pretty glacial, but I was averaging 10:06, 10:08, and 10:08 for the last three miles.

Even though I felt so slow, I knew I would have no trouble meeting my sub-1:40 goal. I had been quick enough for the first seven miles that there was plenty of time in the bank. This is what I call my excellent “positive splitting” strategy. Other runners: you should totally check this out.


(Yet another in my long history of race photos where it looks like I’m walking. Guess what? Don’t care. Look at that imminent mid-foot strike whydontcha?)

Anyway, I huffed and puffed my way to the finish line, where my fiancé was waiting for me (sweet man that he is, he got up early on a rainy Saturday just to cheer for me) and crossed the line at exactly 1:37. Not too bad! Good enough for 8th place in my age group, too. Out of, ummmm, ten runners. So, like, nevermind.

The next race I’ll probably do is a local 10K in December — maybe I can work up some speed before then and avoid being among the last finishers. I think I’ll try that.

The Week in Workouts, Vol. 5

I suspect I have reached the point in the semester where a combination of workshops, meetings, and errands is going to completely preclude my normal Monday and Wednesday workouts and I’m just going to have to deal with it. This week was much like last week, with me just getting the basics done and not much more than that. Here’s what went down:

Monday: Zip. I don’t even remember what I did this day, but exercise was not it.

Tuesday: Boot camp + three-mile run. Boot camp class was good — our old instructor was back and she had us working on the bosu ball a lot, and doing a lot of explosive movements. By the end of class, my legs were so tired that I thought another set of side burpees might literally kill me. Phew. I hit the treadmill afterward and slogged my way through a three-mile progressive run, finishing the last mile at a pretty zippy sub-9:00 pace. Good morning. I figure if I’m missing my Mondays and Wednesdays, I can at least get a good double workout done on Tuesdays, right?

Pretty day in Opelika.

Wednesday: CW and I headed down to the courthouse after work to pick up our marriage license — yet another Wednesday errand that precluded my usual kettlebells class, but I’m not exactly complaining. We treated ourselves to an afternoon cocktail after finishing the paperwork. Yay!

Thursday: Three-mile run. I got up and got going early this morning and would have gone on a longer run, but my hamstrings were still screaming from Tuesday’s boot camp (and I had a race coming up on Saturday), so I kept it short.

Friday: Rest.

Saturday: Ten-mile race! I will post a full report soon, once the official times and photos are available. It was a good one.

Sunday: Rest, beautiful slothlike rest.

The Week in Workouts, Vol. 4

Well, friends, not only am I tardy in posting this, but there isn’t much to say about exercise this last week. It was not a week of workouts.  I only exercised two days due to other Life Things I had going on. It was a busy, fun, lovely week, but just not a very physically active one. Here’s what went down:

Monday: During the time when I’d normally be working out, CW and I were at the hotel where we’ll be holding our wedding reception shoving tons of calories into our maws. We had to (“had to”) taste all of the entrees and appetizers and lo, we enjoyed ourselves mightily.

Tuesday: Boot Camp + 3-mile run. This was a good day for working out — the morning workouts tend to be the inalienable ones that I don’t find a reason to cancel (as opposed to the afternoon workouts that get bumped in favor of grading, wedding-related errands, and so on). Boot camp was a tabata-style class with a substitute instructor. She had us using the bosu ball and jump rope a lot. I enjoyed it. I ran three miles on the treadmill afterward, getting in some fast-paced intervals during the middle mile.

Wednesday: Today’s workout go scrapped so I could attend a teaching workshop on campus. Womp wommmp.

Thursday: 5.5 mile run. I was not feeling it when I set out the door — I had tired legs and was moving slowly. By about mile three, though, I had snapped back to life and really could have gone on a bit farther. Life and work beckoned, though, and I had to get moving to school.

Friday: I scurried home from school as fast as possible (via car) to meet my two BFFs who were coming into town for my bachelorette weekend. We stayed up late eating and drinking all the things.


Saturday: There was no official workout, but the girls and I got up early in the morning and fueled up on some mimosas in anticipation of a busy day. We got tons of steps in walking around campus and downtown so I could show them the homecoming festivities. I’m sure I ate and drank back more than my fair share of calories that night, but hey: a lady only gets one bachelorette party, so I abandoned care.

Sunday: Rest. Total rest.

Well, that was my week. This week is sure to be more active with my ten-mile race coming up Saturday morning. Let’s do this.