Here are some of my favorite posts since the beginning of this blog. I’ve arranged them into categories so you can browse more efficiently. I’ll add to this list from time to time, too.


12K Race Recap and a Rude Old Man

Mercedes Half Marathon Race Report

Racing with Friends (5Ks)

My First Triathlon Race Report

Get Ready to Get Sick of Hearing about my Marathon Training

Montgomery Half Marathon Race Report

Rocket City Marathon Race Report

Love Your Heart 10K Race Report

My Adventures as a Half-Marathon Spectathlete

Acworth Women’s Sprint Triathlon Race Report

Five Kilometers with Friends (Skirt Chaser 5K)

Rock’n’Roll Savannah Half Marathon Race Report

Toys for Tots 10K Race Report (2011)

Injury and Ego (and the “Finish on the 50” 5K Race Report)

Lake Wilmore Trail 5K

Toys for Tots 10K (2012)

Finish on the 50 Half Marathon Race Report

Tough Ten Race Report


Mysteries of the Tofurkey Unveiled

I Ate Some Brussels Sprouts

How to Make Easy Whole-Wheat Pizza Crust at Home

Caffeine Nation

Dinner from the Farm

Eggs in a Basket (and in My Refrigerator)

Cooking with John Irving

Cooking with Pepper Paltrow

Easy Thai Curry with Tofu

Weighty Matters

Dream Big: How to Gain 100 Pounds

Dream Even Bigger: How to Lose 100 Pounds

Before and After


On Running in Skirts, Showing the World Your Moneymakers, and Getting over Yourself

New Miles

“Come Back Tomorrow,” and Other Wisdom of Miyagi-do Karate

“Come Back Tomorrow,” Photography Edition

Navel Gazing and Such

Introversion (& Why I Blog)

Doing Life


Windows & Walls

Wrong with Me

Listen to me Talk! (My Accent Video Blog)

How Social Life is Related to Boogers (Sorry.)


In the Midst of Life We Are in Debt, et Cetera


Chocolate Sauce and Love Tarps

What Happened on Bloomsday

Fun, Narcissistic Questions and CDP Stuff

The Mayhem Guys


Sugianto’s Younger Brother, Sugianto

Life in General, aka Cheese Sandwiches, aka Pain au Fromage Quotidien

In Which I Am Awkward

After Hours

Say Anything (on Twitter)

Riding on Bikes with Boys

The Old People

Egon the Dog

String Theory

New Apartment Love

Long Days, Long Weekends

Egon the Dachshund (Back Surgery)

Egon the Dachshund, IVDD, and Surgery Round II


Bob Dylan, Wilco, and My Morning Jacket

A Very, Very, Very Fine House

On the Pleasures of Cohabitation

Big Fat Little Wedding Post


Weekend, Missouri Style

Kentucky, Bourbon, & Cinema




Easter in Mississippi

Wrestling, Travel, Food (East Tennessee)


Late Summer in Minneapolis & South Dakota

Thanksgiving & Asheville 

Years in Review

Year in Review: 2007

Year in Review: 2008

Year in Review: 2009

Year in Review: 2010

2010 in Photos

Year in Review: 2011

2011 in Photos

Year in Review: 2012

2012 In Photos

Year in Review: 2013

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