open letter to people

Jesus Christ, people.  What do you want, anyway?  Always poking your nose around trying to be up in my business.

“Oh, Alfina, how’s it going?  What did you do today?  Read any good books lately? What are your plans?  Are you busy? Let’s have coffee.”

Just shut up already. What’s with all the questions? What are you, writing an article or something?  Of course I have read some fucking books lately; that’s what the government pays me to do, you fart-sniffing losers.  And yes, as a matter of fact, I am very fucking busy trying to avoid you.  Take your coffee and scram, hippies.

Can you not be sane and take a healthy interest in yourselves like the rest of us? Here’s an idea:  go find some kind of community club or organization to join, if you’re so damned interested in others.  Try for a wilderness trekking club or something, so you can climb a glacier in Alaska, far away from me.  Or better yet, build a great, glittering city on the moon, and make sure it’s filled with fucking coffee shops.

See you ’round.  Or Not.



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