Mad Women

The newest episode of Mad Men was another great one (as if I would ever say anything different, please!), and because Mad Men is such a strongly visual show for me, I just can’t resist posting plenty of pictures for you to enjoy. This set focuses on the fabulous women of the show, who were very much the focus this week.   The episode, titled “Maidenform,” grabbed me from the first scene, which showed a sequence of Betty, then Joan, then Peggy putting on their underthings in the morning, all set to The Decemberists’ “The Infanta.” I don’t believe they have ever used contemporary pop in the soundtrack before (have they?), but it fit the sequence and the episode perfectly.

Still Not Sad, Just Nordic
Still Not Sad, Just Nordic
Joan Would Never Wear White Lace Underthings!
Joan Would Never Wear White Lace Underthings!
Peggs, Unremarkable (for Now)
Peggs, Unremarkable (for Now)

In a fashion show scene at the country club, viewers were reminded of those halcyon days of yore, when models had actual boobs and hips and were not wasted, hollow, stick-insects.

Oh, Hello, a Real-Sized Lady
Oh, Hello, a Real-Sized Lady

Okay, lady!  You are working your polka-dot bikini! (On another note, how awkward would it be to model in the midst of a lot of Country Club Sallie’s drinking tea? Eek!)

Unfortunately, all was not perfect this week. The horrible Bobbi Barrett continued to sully the show with her brash over-confidence and her over-abundance of accessories.

Accessory Overload
Accessory Overload

Bobbi is just too much, I tell you. On an unrelated note, do you watch Big Brother?  Doesn’t Bobbi remind you of the Dawlin’ from New Awlins, Renny?  I love Renny, though, and hate Bobbi.

Moving on!

In this strange and surreal scene, Betty fixes breakfast for the family in a bright yellow bikini she bought at the country club fashion show.  That’s not the strangest part, though:

Betty Serves Breakfast in a Bikini
Betty Serves Breakfast in a Bikini

Please to note Little Bobby Draper marching around in the background with a bucket over his head.  That kid is weird.  It reminded me of that effing classic scene from Mermaids, where Christina Ricci staggers though the house with a pumpkin on her head and then tips over on the kitchen floor.  Hilarious.

Finally, this post on the women of Mad Men would not be complete without a photo of Peggy looking freaking fantastic in this gorgeous blue silk dress.

Peggy Acquired Fashion by Looking at a Lot of Different Kinds of Fashion
Peggy Acquired Fashion by Looking at a Lot of Different Kinds of Fashion

Hot damn, Peggy!  (Too bad this particular scene went in such a creepy direction at the end, however!)

And because there were a handful of other things I wanted to show you from this week, I’ll be back later with some of the furniture, props, and pets of the episode.

What did you think?

3 thoughts on “Mad Women

  1. clarabella September 6, 2008 / 8:34 am

    That is one of my favorite Decemberists songs. It is SO weird. And dramatic and Grand.

  2. mel September 6, 2008 / 9:45 pm

    poor peggy. was it this week when she had the rather icy conversation with joan about being left out of businessy stuff? she’s in such a tough position as a woman in this office full of dudes. i loved how none of the men could really pigeon-hole her as a jackie or a marilyn…i had to look up irene dunne on IMDb cause i had never heard of her. that last scene was uber sleazy, with the maidenform dude pulling her onto his lap. ugh.

    also, poor betty. though honestly in the beginning of that scene i thought she had lost her mind and was making breakfast in lingerie of some sort. she picked an awfully skimpy bikini.

    i liked how when don realized bobbi had been talking about him with other women he finished the job of tying her to the bed and then get dressed and left her there. don draper is a man of discretion! NO KISSING AND TELLING!

  3. Alfina the Vague September 6, 2008 / 10:00 pm

    C- Agreed! I love that song! Only The Decemberists would dare to write rhymes with words like “phalanx,” “palanquin,” and “chaparral” at the end of the line.

    M – Yeah, I feel bad for Peggy being left out, but I think finally some of her interactions with Joan (and with Bobbi last week) are maybe paying off. (Maybe not “paying off,” but at least they’re finally being reflected in her behavior.)

    Also! Though I hate Bobbi so much, that bedroom scene had me thinking very steamy thoughts!

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