Recent DVDs I've Been Enjoying

Whew, it’s been a while since I posted over here!  I thought I would quickly tell you which DVDs I’ve been enjoying lately.  First of all, on a brilliant recommendation from Swistle, I was able to buy the complete series of Arrested Development on DVD for a mere 20-some dollars.  What a steal!  This was a really great show that, like so many other great shows on Fox, ended before its time.  Now it (and the adorable Michael Bluth / Jaseon Bateman) lives on in my DVD collection.

I’ve also been loving the BBC/Discovery series Planet Earth.  I had seen a little bit of it here and there when it was airing on television, but now I am netflixing it — it would be great to own, as well.

The images of landscapes, waterscapes, and wildlife are simply stunning, and the “Mountains” episode, which I watched last night, helped fulfill the snow and winter jones I’ve been having (as a result of living in the only part of the country that’s still hot and steamy while the rest of it is covered in snow, snow, beautiful snow).

Unnnngh, see what I mean?  I fantasize about standing right on top of that mountain in the nude, just freezing my ass off.  Dear dog that would be wonderful.

And now that I’ve put that dubious image in your mind, can I mention that Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, which I originally posted about here, is out on DVD?  I just received my copy today as a gift from my friend Golightly (THANK YOU!), and I have big plans to watch it tonight.

I’m especially excited to immerse myself in the special features, which include “Commentary: The Musical.”  Now that has GOT to be awesome, I think you’ll agree.

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