Dollhouse Premiere!

So if you don’t know that Dollhouse, Joss Whedon’s new show, is premiering tomorrow night, then I just don’t know what to do with you!


As you can imagine, I am pretty fucking psyched about this development, and I’m just hoping the programming geniuses at Fox (who are, let’s not forget, responsible for the early demises of Firefly, Wonderfalls, and Arrested Development, among others) give this show a chance to be as awesome as I’m sure it will be.

I typically don’t like to read too much press or reviews about things before I see them, so my knowledge of Dollhouse going in is pretty minimal. Let’s just pause and appreciate the pretty, pretty cast.


Then let’s come back here after it airs (Fox, Friday the 13th, 9pm/8pm Central) and discuss! Wheee!


  1. Joss Whedon was on Fresh Air yesterday talking about this and Dr. Horrible. The interviewer guy asked him why we hadn’t seen anything on TV from him since 2005, and he said it was because his experience with Firefly was so heartbreaking and discouraging. I may have wept a little. Then I may have had an out of body experience where I punched some Fox exec in the neck for canceling the greatest space western to ever exist. Assholes.


  2. I just downloaded that podcast so as I can listen to it, too!

    And yeah, the worst thing about Firefly‘s cancellation, for me anyway, was that that show could have gone on to be so much better! I never got super into it, but then again had Buffy only been 13 episodes, I wouldn’t have gotten super into that either, you know? All the potential that never got to be realized! THANX, FOX.


  3. I completely missed this and, after hearing about the show months ago, I figured it was never going to debut. Thanks for the heads up. This is sure to help me kill part of these last two incredibly boring hours at the office.


  4. SO, what did everybody think about it? I think I am going to have to give it a few more episodes before I’m willing to make a verdict, but here are some thoughts:

    – Seems like it might be a little monster-of-the-week for my usual tastes, what with Dushku basically playing a new character every week. The MOTW quality of Firefly was one main reason I never fell in love with that show. (The other reason was River). (That MOTWishness hasn’t stopped me from loving Fringe this season, though, so that’s not necessarily a mark against this show.)

    – I like the set of the secret Dollhouse location, especially the bunking area we saw in the last 30 seconds.


    – This Topher person seems to be kind of a doof.

    – Um, oh yeah, so I definitely thought the woman playing Miss Dewitt here was the same woman who played Miss Post on Buffy, but it totally isn’t. Mental IMDb FAIL.


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