Three Things Thursday

1. Today was the last day of teaching prior to Thanksgiving break. Hooray!

Last day of teaching before Thanksgiving. Favorite work dress and argyle tights.

As excited as I am about this, I was just not feeling like work this morning, so I psyched myself up with fashion. Favorite teaching dress + argyle tights and I was … somewhat more ready to be at work.

[321/365] Bad Planning

Normally I try to arrange things so that I don’t have any grading or other paperwork to do over the break, but this time it just didn’t quite work out, and now I have this pile of 75 literature essays staring me in the face, not to mention about a bohillion other bits of paper requiring my attention. The week of sloth (aka “leisure”) I envisioned may not come to fruition, but I surely will do my best. I am going to designate just a couple of hours each day to attacking the piles, and then I’ll be sure to designate more hours for such activities as reading, watching movies, snorgling the dog, and staring at the wall. This I do solemnly swear.

2. Egon’s walk has improved a lot, and he has passed the halfway point in his enforced crate rest. Less than two weeks to go! He no longer walks like a stumbling drunk all the time, but he does walk like a bit of a sidewinder, with one back leg taking larger steps than the other. Still not sure he could pass a road-side sobriety test, but things are improving! If I get a chance to video his walk again soon, I’ll post another clip to flickr.

[320/365] Goofy Cat

3. In other creature news, the cat finally seems to have realized that the dog is confined to a crate, and therefore has been out and about more often in the house, what with the fact that no small dachshund is chasing after her. She occasionally even takes a moment to stretch out on the floor like a big goof. Right now, however, W’s two dogs are visiting and they are running crazy laps around my living room and yelping in each other’s faces while we attempt to watch the Colbert Report. Just another post-happy-hour Thursday night.

So what’s up with you today?


  1. That is one fancy work dress (say I, as I type from my office in a shirt I ‘forgot’ to iron and nary a shoe upon my skanky feet). (In my defense, it is 92ºF out there.) (But my point: WHAT A FINE FIGURE OF A FROCK.)


  2. Ah, what terrific tights! I’m a big fan of fun tights; I’m wearing black sweater tights today. It’s been quite cool in Texas this week, so no bare legs. November, are you really here to stay?


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