Happy Holidays

Greetings, friends! Christmas is almost here — are you ready, if you celebrate it? I am ready! The one thing I haven’t done yet is mail out holiday cards, which are I guess going to turn into New Year’s cards instead this year as I am so hopelessly tardy on that. On the bright side, this means that if you’d like to be on my card mailing list, there’s STILL TIME! Because I am SO BEHIND! So just email me your mailing address (kateoblog at gmail) and I’ll send you a little how-do-you-do.

In all other respects, though, I am ready to Initiate Holiday Action Sequence. I’ve got gifts for my family all figured out and bought and wrapped. Oh yes indeed! I spent last night wrapping gifts and drinking some (wait for it) pink champagne. It was doing business as “sparkling rosé,” but come on now. I was feeling silly and festive and that just happened to be what went down at Kroger as I was faced with the selection of sparkling wines. That pink bottle made its merry way into my basket. Don’t judge.

Oh, Champagne...

Anyway, I have the guy’s present worked out, too — despite the cruel fact that some certain retailers to remain nameless had a great sale going on and then ENDED the sale the week before Christmas just to prey upon the desperate last minute shoppers who’d be willing to pay full price. Well, they didn’t get me! I found a competitor stocking a similar product at a much better price. Look, I’d tell you all about it but he 1) hasn’t opened the gift yet, and 2) knows about this blog, so you’ll just have to remain ignorant for now.



Anyway. I’ve got a table full of festive presents that, sadly, can’t be placed under my pretty tree because, let’s face it, that’s just dog entrapment right there. My suitcase is also packed and ready to go. What’s that? Yeah, I’m fixin’ to head out of town tomorrow morning, up to East Tennessee to visit my family. I’ll be up there until just after Christmas, and then back here in time to decompress, celebrate New Year’s Eve, and then recover in time for the new semester.

[359/365] Berries

Christmas 2010

I normally look forward to snow in Tennessee at Christmas, as it happens almost every year. Last year, in fact, it started to snow while we were at Midnight Mass, and when we came out of the church it was all drifting down beautifully and magically and it was perfection, I tell you. This year, I don’t expect to get my snowy wish granted — the forecast is showing temperatures in the 50s and 60s, only slightly cooler than the 60s and 70s we’ve been seeing here in Alabama. In December. I tell you what: I do not approve of this bullshit. It is supposed to be winter, you know, and not only winter but Christmas! Well, you can’t win them all, can you?

I hope you all have just a wonderful Christmas (and/or a great weekend)! Eat good food, sleep in, hug your friends and snorgle your pets. Happy holidays!


  1. Look at your table! And your yuletide rosemary! And your festive Ikea shelving! Bewdiful.

    Here’s the deal with your sparkling rosé: it looks like champagne, it tastes like champagne, it pings little bubbles of joy against the tip of your nose like champagne, but it comes from Australia, not France, and in deference to the proprietary rights of the viniculturalists of Champagne (as in, Sham-pag-nyah, the Gallic region, not sham-pane, the Gallic tipple), Australian “champagnes” are labled “sparkling Xs”. Any minute now we’ll have to find new names for Turkish delight and Cornish pasties.

    Happy Christmasing! I hope the authorities do something about the weather for you.


    1. Thanks! I’ve packed it all up now but it was fun to have it out there for a while.

      Re the champagne, I just ALWAYS call EVERYTHING “champagne,” regardless of where it’s from. I almost never drink actual champagne, though. In any case, I think the phrase “pink champagne” connotes something passé and cheesy and silly and ridiculously undrinkable like from an 80s music video, whereas “sparkling rosé” sounds legitimate and like a part of the wine industry’s attempt to make sparkling pink wine cool again. I just mean that even though the name on the bottle sounds like a legitimate wine, I am under no illusions that it is anything classier than just pink champagne.


  2. Oh my God I am SO BEHIND on blog reading! But I think the most important thing for me to ask is: HOW WAS THAT CHAMPAGNE? And happy holidays!


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