Yoga and the Hellmouth

I am sitting at Starbucks drinking iced coffee after my yoga class because I figured if I’m starting the day with yoga class, I may as well go all-in on the bourgeois white lady stereotypes. I am still wearing my leggings and everything.

I hardly ever attend yoga classes in an actual studio because it’s not typically in my budget, but we have a newer studio in town that I’ve never visited before, so I’m eligible for the 30-days of unlimited yoga for $30 new member special and here we are. I think I’ll try attending as many classes as I can this month and just really soak it up while my schedule is relatively flexible.

And now allow me a brief moment of woo-woo: isn’t it incredible how when everyone in the room joins together in a collective “om” at the beginning and end of class, the way we all naturally fall into a beautifully harmonious chord? At the same time, it seems both imposible and inevitable. Collective human goodness.

On a very different note: my husband and I have finally started watching The Handmaid’s Tale. I’d been avoiding it for a long time because I’ve been feeling such a deep desire for my entertainment choices to offer me a ticket out of Cheeto Mussolini’s anti-American hellmouth. In the interest of escapism, I’ve been looking for far more soothing ways to spend my limited TV and reading time (Great British Bake-Off, Harry Potter, etc.). But CW and I were looking for a captivating show to watch together and we just decided to dive in and — man oh man — it is really gripping and wonderful storytelling but it is also terrifying. We’ve seen the first 6 episodes so far and will be caught up in time for the finale next week (I think that’s right?), so I look forward to talking about it with you, if you’re also watching, soon!


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