My Dilemmas, Let Me Update You. [UPDATED AGAIN]

Dilemma #1: It didn’t rain after all yesterday in spite of all predictions, thus, I have my new bike! It rules! More on that later.

Dilemma #2: As far as I can tell, no one came by yesterday to look at my leaky ceiling.  Since I was already at school when I called them, I couldn’t rig up a note or any other system to let me know if anyone had been there.  Today, I just left the bathroom door and shower curtain both closed, figuring that they’d be left open if anyone came by and went in.  I am too lazy to rig up the detective-style hair on the door and too suspicious that the maintenance guy is illiterate* to leave a note/notepad.  Anyway, the ceiling leak is definitely getting worse.  Worrisomely worse. I called and left another message today telling them so.  If I get back after yoga this afternoon and no one has been by I will just go around the complex until I find the maintenance guy and just drag his ass over there.  People, I DO NOT need my ceiling caving in on me mid-shower.

*Not joking here; I really do suspect this.  I can’t understand him when he talks either.

UPDATE! I came home and found the shower curtain open, but nothing else looked changed.  Someone definitely came in.  I’m wondering now: what next? SIGH.


  1. Um, no. Anyway, I thought you had sacrificed a lamb or something to the plumbing gods after the terror in Zembla. What freaking gives?


  2. Maintenance guy may have come in, looked, thought, “awdamnthetubupstursisleakin'” and commenced to fixing the leaking upstairs tub and plumbing. This of course doesn’t fix an ugly bendy leaked upon ceiling, but, it does stop the water.


  3. R – That’s what I have been fervently hoping! I don’t necessarily mind an unsightly ceiling for a while as long as it isn’t ACTIVELY leaking. I haven’t observed any drippyness over the weekend, so maybe that’s what went down.


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