One Year Later: Us, The Cake

This time last year, we were in the midst of taking our wedding photos just before the ceremony. The weather was perfect — about 60 degrees and sunny, with leaves just starting to turn — and we had plenty of time to mill around the small chapel and find the best places to shoot. All of the planning and list-making was done; it was time to just let the day unfold.

In the year since then, CW and I have had it pretty easy. I’ve heard people say the first year of marriage is the hardest, and I can certainly see that adjusting to living with another person can have its tough moments. (However, because we did live together for a few months before the actual wedding, I don’t really associate the necessary adjustments of cohabitation with marriage itself.) Otherwise, I’d have to say that we haven’t really experienced that difficulty I’ve heard others talk about. It’s just been such a good year.

I think if you asked either of us, we’d both say that getting married was the best thing we’ve done. Life has just gotten better and better since we’ve been together. We’re our own little family (us and the dog and the cat, I guess), we’re a team, we’re best friends and partners. Whatever tough questions either or both of us might face, we’re in it together, no matter what. Knowing you can count on someone like that is one of life’s great boons.

Thinking about all the good that’s come along with being married to CW made me, I think, that much happier and sappier at my BFF’s wedding last week. I just feel so lucky to have CW in my life, and it made me so happy for her to have found her someone, too.

But enough sappiness. How was that cake, you ask?

Cutting the Cake

It was basically just as delicious as I remember it being a year ago. Here’s what we did (in case anyone is wondering):

The day after the wedding, chill the cake in the fridge to firm up the frosting. Then wrap tightly in plastic wrap, trying to keep all the air out. I did three layers of plastic wrap. Place the wrapped cake in its box and wrap the box in 1-2 layers of plastic wrap plus a layer of foil. Freeze.

A year later: the day before you plan to eat the cake, remove from the freezer and remove all the plastic wrap. Place a loose layer of wrap back over the cake (but don’t press it down onto the frosting because you don’t want it to stick to the softened, thawed frosting when you remove it). Refrigerate overnight. Put on the counter a couple of hours before serving.

Our cake and frosting held up really nicely in the freezer and they tasted just as good as I remembered. The lemon filling wasn’t as moist as it had been originally — I think some of it may have soaked into the cake prior to freezing, or something. But it was still great. YAY, CAKE.


  1. Happy anniversary! And I’m so glad the cake was still good. I just smashed mine into a tupperware and shoved it in the back of the freezer, and it was still pretty good, because CAKE. I’m also glad marriage has suited you and CW so well. I had a similar experience, in that marriage seemed to make everything just a tiny bit better, rather than add stress to our lives. Yay, love! (And cake!)


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