Chillin' and Illin' (Like Bob Dylan on Penicillin*, the Good Lord Willin')

What’s up, y’all? I have had plenty of things to tell you but that will all have to wait until at least tomorrow. At the moment I am supremely ill with the most vicious cold. My lungs sound like a bowl of Rice Crispies, all snap crackle pop but less delicious.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s just a cold, you say.  How could it be that bad, you say.  Well let me tell you that I actually had to go to the doctor about it, and it marked the first time I have been to the doctor for anything other than an injury or a routine check-up in about ten years.

I have felt like such complete shit for the past three days I that I am simultaneously amazed, impressed, and horrified that I didn’t cancel classes. Well, no matter: classes are now officially done until after Spring Break. My focus now is on making sure I am better in time to hold my friend’s adorable baby whom I’ll be seeing for the first time!

So anyway, no interesting stories from me today. What’s been going on with you? Do tell! I need something interesting to read while I am lying in bed frail with consumption.

*I am not actually on Penicillin.  This is merely for the mad rhymes.


  1. Sorry you are feeling down, my dear. The human body can be aggravating from time to time. You may have seen this on Facebook already, as I posted it in response to a friend’s status update about Shamrock shakes. It is kitschy and involves your favorite color. Grimace has an Irish uncle! Perhaps it will help?

    And if you have seen that before, here’s a Burger King commercial that contains disco and that character we all know and love, the Duke of Doubt:


  2. Sorry to hear that you’re sick. A few winters ago I found myself incredibly ill with a stomach flu. After 36-hours of agony, dry heaves and other scariness, I drove myself to an emergency clinic in the middle of the night. After waiting around for two hours (the fact that everyone else in there was fighting the same thing I was should have been a clue) to see a doctor, I was told to go home, drink Gatorade and stop acting like such a baby. The evening concluded with a nurse handing me a bill for a $75 copay.

    Hope you’re feeling better.


  3. Being sick is TEH SUCKNESS. May I suggest another Kelly video?

    Cat playing Risk?



  4. G – Those commercials are incredible – and I do like anything that is a “beautiful green.” In fact, I highly prefer a “beautiful green” over any second-rate, sub-par, less-than-beautiful shades of green! And may I also note that apparently Burger King mascots and related characters have always been HELL OF CREEPY?

    B – Ugh that sounds like a wonderful night! I was lucky enough to get in and out of my school clinic in a reasonable time, even taking into account the 3 lab tests they did to confirm that I didn’t have strep, the flu, or, er, whatever. But of course even with insurance, I wound up paying a total of about $80 on the various co-pays. My prescription cough meds were really expensive!

    T.I.A. – Oh, those Kelly videos are hilarious. I love the whiskey-swilling grandma, the organic vegan girl-on-girl musical tour, and the fact that I think Margaret Cho shows up for like 2 seconds in the middle. (Unless I hallucinated her due to the medicine!) Re the Risk cat, I bet if I tried to get my cat to do that she would turn up her nose in disdain– or try to wage an unwise two-front war, one front of which is in Russia in winter. Just saying. And re the SHOWBIZ PIZZA BAND all I have to say is OMG!

    Thanks for the entertainments, guys!


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